Philip Stuart is addressing the camera in a hospital corridor.

Philip: During my mental health training, I've discovered in the hospital there's a number of different types of wards. There is acute, acute forensic, and dementia units. In the community there's a nurse that comes over to visit patients in their homes. She's called - or he's called - a CPN. ‘CPN' stands for ‘Community Psychiatric Nurse' and they deal with a number of different mental health illnesses.

The video shows various hospital scenes. The camera follows people arriving at the hospital and then show Philip and Louise attending to a patient.

Louise: Hi Betty.
Philip: We're going to give you your drugs for you - is that ok?
Louise: What is your date of birth, Betty?
Betty: 19/2/63.
Louise [addressing Philip]: At two o'clock she gets two milligrams of Lorazepam.

Louise is shown in a head and shoulder view seated in an office.

Louise: Hi. My name is Louise Louw. I'm forty years old and I've just qualified as a mental health nurse. My reason for going into mental health nursing was because I've worked in the community for about fifteen years with people with mental health problems, and I felt I could do an awful lot more for them if I was fully trained.
Through my training I have gained a greater understanding and confidence working with patients on a one-to-one basis. I have also gained a greater understanding of therapeutic interventions.
Although I am confident in therapeutic interventions, I've chosen to do a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy.

Philip is shown preparing medicine for Betty.

Philip: Here you go Betty - here's your medication, and I've got some water for you, ok?
Betty: Thank you.
Philip: Well done.
Louise [addressing Philip]: So now just sign for the drug here.
Philip: Yes.
Louise: Thanks Betty.

Philip and Louise lock the medicine cabinet and continue on their round.


On placement Mental Health Nursing - Philip Stuart

Video clip of Philip Stuart, Mental Health student nurse on placement.