The opening shot is of Dominique in front of Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

Dominique: I'm on placement just now. There are loads of different placement areas. There's Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, but there's also Orkney, Shetland, Elgin - lots of different community placements.
In Aberdeen Maternity Hospital there's different wards - there's anti- and post-natal wards; there's a labour ward; there's a neo-natal unit; there's scanning. You can have all kinds of different experiences and we tend to go around all the places.

She turns to walk into the hospital and is next seen talking to another nurse.

Nurse: So, in the labour ward there's nine rooms. In recovery there's three beds; midwife unit - there's four beds; and we have the pool as well that we can use in the midwife unit. Rooms are basically the same in both areas - a bit more equipment in the ones in the labour ward because we tend to monitor the patients more - but you'll see that when we go round.
Dominique: Ok.

The nurse is showing Dominique around the unit.

Nurse: So here are the different pieces of equipment we use - the epidural pump, the [?____] for IV fluids, and the [?____] and any other drugs for labour. Behind the screen we have the [?____] and your [?____] and your oxygen. The CTG machine is over there, and that is used to monitor the baby. When you do your training we'll show you how you do that.
Dominique: Ok.
The nurse and Dominique are entering another room, and Dominique is shown the birthing pool.
Nurse: Ok Dominique. This is the pool room that we use for pain relief. It is nice to deliver in as well because the babies are coming out of water, so it's going into water again. Nice deep water, so the patients can take the weight off their tummy, so they find it really helpful when they give birth.
The two are entering the midwife unit.
Nurse: So here we are, Dominique. We are in the midwife unit now. So, as you can see, things are a bit nicer. There are lots of different bits of equipment that you can use for different positions people use while they're in labour. It's the same idea as labour wards.
Behind the curtains you've still got equipment. You've got your bed - the same as the labour ward bed - and behind the screen again, the same pieces of equipment - the blood pressure machine, suction, oxygen, and your gas and air.

Dominique is shown washing her hands prior to visiting an expectant mother.

Dominique: I'm Dominique. I'm a student midwife. I'm just coming to have a wee look to what the baby is up to and maybe listen to its heartbeat. Is that ok?
Woman: Yeah, yeah.
[Dominique is shown checking the pregnant woman.]
Dominique: That's fine.

Dominique is using a scanner, and the baby's heartbeat and blood flow is heard.

Dominique: That's fine. I think everything is ok. That's good. Anything else I can help you with?
Woman: No, no.
Dominique: That's fine. Just give me a shout if you need anything.


Midwifery - Dominique Waldau

Video Clip of Dominique Waldau, Midwifery student at Robert Gordon University.