Andy is shown addressing the camera.

Andy: We get taught in a variety of different settings at the university. We get taught in lecture theatres where there is a large group of us; we have smaller group tutorials; and we also have a lot of our materials online. I'm just off to a lecture just now.

Various scenes showing Andy and other students in a lecture theatre, followed by a view of Andy on a park bench addressing the camera.

Andy: There is a lot of support available here at RGU - from your personal tutor who is your first port of call to the academic support for numeracy and writing skills. There is also a counselling service and a pastoral support who is somebody I'm going to see just now to talk about my travel expenses.

Andy is greeted by the pastoral adviser in her office.

Andy: Hi there.
Adviser: Hi Andy. Come in, have a seat. What can I help you with today?
Andy: Well, I had some pressure ...

Camera shows a close-up of the pastoral support adviser addressing the camera.

Adviser: I am the pastoral support adviser within the School of Nursing Midwifery. During the three or four years that you're here with us it is my job, along with your personal tutor, to help you manage the demands that are made on you throughout the programme. If you do encounter problems or difficulties we hope that, following discussions with myself or, indeed, your personal tutor, that you can actually identify a plan of action which will help you manage your situation. We hope that you actually use all the services within the school and the university and sometimes, speaking it through with somebody in an objective manner, will actually help you identify which are the most appropriate services to use.


Nursing and Midwifery - Andy Makepeace

Andy Makepeace sitting

A student describes his experience of studying at Robert Gordon University.