Professional engineering is about resolving complex problems and challenges and designing the essential products, services and processes that we all use every day.

From energy and electrical, to mechanical and computer, engineering is a springboard to a vast range of careers that are not only rewarding, but well paid too.

  • Engineering Workshop
    Engineering Workshop
  • materials
  • ROV Student Laughing
    ROV Student Laughing
  • warning notice
    warning notice
  • Electronic Teaching Lab
    Electronic Teaching Lab
  • electron scanning machine
    electron scanning machine
  • Engineering Students Working on ROV 2
    Engineering Students Working on ROV 2
  • avometer
  • ROV Student
    ROV Student
  • pressure gauge
    pressure gauge
  • Microcontroller Lab
    Microcontroller Lab
  • Formula Ford racing car
    Formula Ford racing car
  • Students Working on ROV
    Students Working on ROV
  • Engine cooling fan
    Engine cooling fan
  • Student Soldering
    Student Soldering
  • sparks
  • Offshore Platform Model
    Offshore Platform Model
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  1. Graduation success with Talisman Energy

    Andrew Hyde 152

    Graduate success on the Talisman Graduate Development Programme

    Andrew Hyde Oil and Gas Engineering Masters MSc

“I decided to study at Robert Gordon University to ensure that I started work with a broad knowledge of the industry.”

Andrew Hyde Oil and Gas Engineering Masters MSc

  1. International Students

    Two International Students at ABS

    Information for future International Students.

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