Gray's School of Art is a self-contained school; a vibrant, creative environment where studio practice enjoys a close relationship with the history and theory of art. We are here to develop graduates who can thrive in the creative economy, equipped with passion and self-confidence.

We pride ourselves on being the ‘professional art school', offering a broad range of study programmes that span all creative disciplines. Our strong commercial links ensure that you will experience a professionally relevant, creative education.

Our students are encouraged to engage with live projects, national competitions and other activities that hone their sense of professional direction and allow them to excel in today's creative industries.

Through a wide range of projects, evening classes and other programmes, the School is also proud of its strong relationship with the community.


At Gray's School of Art our students always come first. Our friendly, approachable staff go out of their way to encourage and inspire students and build confidence. We're genuinely interested in student progress.

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We offer a hands-on, project-based approach with the majority of time spent in the studio and workshop, underpinned by lectures and seminars to develop analysis and critical thinking

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For undergraduate students, first year is all about finding your strengths before you move on to develop your own ideas, supported by staff working in more of a consultancy role.

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You always come first and our staff will encourage and inspire you. We have a strong community and social network between students and staff.

Track Record

Our graduates go on to achieve their creative ambitions; whether they move on to postgraduate studies with us, at other institutions, or enter the world of industry and freelance work.

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Our students and graduates are successful in competitions too, consistently performing well in the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) awards.

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We understand the importance of teaching digital and emerging technologies, to equip graduates for future working environments; we also respect and teach the traditional skills that underpin creative disciplines. 

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As part of your studies, the staging of exhibitions both within the School and at external venues are key activities in developing both your professionalism and presentation skills.

Our Partnerships & Affiliations

We are proud to be associated with leading organisations, institutions and professional bodies, including:

BP Royal Scottish Academy MAKE Aberdeen Aberdeen Artists Society


A good working environment is always important, and never more so than when work combines the creative and technical.

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Our large, open-plan first year studios are a hive of activity, the perfect place to experiment and explore before occupying high quality individual workspaces, available from second year onwards.

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Our lively and inspiring University campus offers a range of massive spaces for large group projects.

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Our fully equipped workshops for traditional crafts and digital technologies are complemented by access to facilities at other parts of the University, including the Human Performance Lab in Health & Social Care.

Our School

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    Gray's School of Art

    The school portfolio covers specialist subjects found within the breadth of design and fine art disciplines.