IslaMarie Turnbull talks about her experiences at Gray's School of Art and graduating in Product Design.

"You always hear all these stories. The biggest one is never trip! So I didn't so I was quite impressed. 

"I did Product Design so the one thing I liked about the course is it actually, unlike other Art Schools, it combines design with the management side, so you do design modules and also do management and innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing as well which for me was really good as it was something I also enjoyed, so it was nice to kind of mix the two. I think it will mean you are a lot more prepared when you come out of university.

"Short term I'm actually due to go in for surgery so I'm a bit limited, but I'd like to take my product further and I'll probably use my surgery experience from that to expand on what I've already done in the past year. Long term I'd love to go either into marketing or the medical design side. Think I'll see where the wind takes me and what opportunities are there when I'm better.

" I was very fortunate in that in particular he disability department at Gray's School of Art made a lot of allowances for me to come back this year against a lot of the consultants' wishes. I was very fortunate in that respect they listened to what I wanted to do and they believed that I could do it.

"And so they went above and beyond to help me and it's made the world of difference as otherwise I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have a first class Honours!"


Video Clip - IslaMarie Turnbull

IslaMarie Turnbull talks about how Gray's School of Art supported her through a difficult time.