Alumni Case Studies

Ryan Jardine

Ryan, a BA Commercial Photography student at RGU, is a recipient of the Access RGU Baillie Gifford Scholarship in Creative Arts.

Why did you apply for the scholarship?

I had never applied for anything like this before, but I thought it was worth a shot. This is the first year I have moved out of my parents’ home and I was worried about balancing my studies with a job.

What are the benefits of the scholarship?

I feel more included in the university because I am representing a company that has invested in my education. I even sent them a Christmas card last year.

The finance provided by the scholarship has helped to pay my rent and buy supplies for university. Without it I might not have been able to focus on my studies the same, as I’d have had to work part-time.


What advice would you give to those interested in applying for the scholarship?

Stay optimistic, be yourself, and highlight your values as a person.

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