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The School's research is divided into two main thematic areas: Practice and Translational Research.

Feel you have potential as a research student?

Visit the Research themes to learn about potential supervisors and projects. Project titles are not exhaustive and you may propose your own project on application, however the School may not be able to furnish you with a supervisory team if your proposed project is out with our expertise.

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The Graduate School application process for research degrees should be followed if you wish to study at RGU. This will introduce you to important information on entry requirements, modes of study and fees.

Applying for a Research Degree

This information will help you with the application process to become a research student.

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PALS Research Portfolio (PDF 18MB)

Questions about research degrees?

For general enquires, contact the School's Research Degrees coordinator:

  • Colin Thompson

    Colin Thompsom

    Dr Thompson is a lecturer in Surface Chemistry and Drug Delivery and Research Degrees Coordinator at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. His research interests lie in the areas of polymer-drug conjugates, Drug micro- and nano-encapsulation, Polyelectrolyte delivery systems and Oral protein delivery.  

  • For practice research enquires:

  • Derek Stewart

    Professor Derek Stewart

    Professor Stewart is a professor and practice research lead at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. His research focus is in the area of pharmacy practice development, implementation and evaluation. His general interests lie in health services research methodologies and non-medical prescribing.  

  • For translational research enquires:

  • Susan Duthie

    Susan Duthie

    Dr Susan Duthie is the Associate Head of School and Translational Research Lead at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. Her research interests include mechanisms of action of dietary nutrients on human health, the impact of plant compounds on human health, cancer and vascular disease; and the impact of micronutrients on cancer.