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RGU R&D Portfolio

The University is committed to harnessing its knowledge and expertise in diverse disciplines to deliver cutting edge climate change research.

It is part of our strategic aim to grow our globally recognised impactful research and target areas where our expertise can make the greatest impact. From examining the benefits of green infrastructure to reducing the environmental impact of rural public transport and delivering critical subsea solutions, researchers at RGU are contributing to delivering Net Zero solutions in Scotland and beyond.

The most significant of these is our investment in the National Subsea Centre. With more than 45,000 employees and 650 companies, the £7.5billion subsea industry represents a huge opportunity for cutting edge research and innovation.

National Subsea Centre 

RGU and the Oil & Gas Technology Centre have partnered to create the National Subsea Centre (NSC), a multi-million-pound Centre of Excellence for Subsea Research Technology development. Its vision is to drive transformation to a sustainable marine-based economy; to build a better future for society, business and the environment. 

The NSC is focused on realising the full potential of our oceans through high-impact/high-value solutions for underwater challenges faced by all marine sectors delivering sustainable economic development. It harnesses the university’s academic expertise, research capability and facilities to establish a world-class research and development centre; providing industry-led, applied academic research and technology development, with a focus on the fields of subsea engineering, AI and data science, and integrated energy.  

The NSC has an adventurous, innovative and inclusive way of working. In addition to its team of multi-sectoral academic, research, design, and industrial experts, it is supported by trusted industrial partners and collaborative relationships. 

The NSC is currently working on key energy transition strategies and technology developments. One such project under development at this moment is the integration of offshore renewable energy systems with an offshore energy hub.  

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