• Angela Douglas

    Angela Douglas

    Angela is the Teaching Materials editor and is involved in proof-reading, editing and preparation of online teaching materials for publication on virtual learning environment.  

  • Gavin Innes

    Gavin Innes

    Gavin is an e-Learning Adviser at the School of Nursing & Midwifery. His primary role is to advise and support academic staff in the use of e-learning technology such as CampusMoodle, ePortfolio, the Personal Response System and multi-media equipment. In addition, he also creates interactive online learning materials and provides technical support to students.  

  • Errol S. Luders

    Errol S. Luders

    Errol is an e-Learning Adviser in the school of Nursing and Midwifery. Errol's role includes supporting students in the use of CampusMoodle, SecondLife and ePortfolio.  

  • Fiona Work

    Fiona Work

    Fiona is a Senior Lecturer in eLearning and Innovation at Robert Gordon University where her role includes developing, implementing and reviewing innovative learning and teaching across the undergraduate and postgraduate school portfolio.