Our research focuses on the characteristics, development and impact of information literacies in different contexts. These include schools (the “Making Connections” programme), Higher Education, corporate and professional workplace environments. This research has been supported by grants from a wide range of sources including ESRC, SES, Re:source, Scottish Government and ITSN-ICS and is published in peer-reviewed journals in information and education disciplines.


Effective Use of Information within Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Part of a wider Business Skills for Growth project - www.stepsforgrowth.co.uk)

An ongoing study examining the effective use of information within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and how effective an information literacy skills intervention is at improving the use of information within an SME. The study aims to investigate the information challenges faced by SMEs and the impact of information skills to these businesses.

Making Connections Programme - a series of ongoing research studies examining the state of Information Literacy in UK schools

Impact of School Library Services on Learning. (Funded by the Scottish Library and Information Council, May-October 2013)

Untangling Spaghetti? The Complexity of Developing Information Literacy in Secondary School Students. (Funded by Scottish Executive Education Department, January-June 2006)

Teachers' Conceptions of Information Literacy in relation to Classroom Practice. (Funded by the Society for Educational Studies, 2004-2005)

School Librarians' Understanding and Descriptions of Student Learning in the School Library. (MSc Dissertation Completed 2004)

The Use of Research Information by Teachers: information literacy, access and attitudes. (Funded by ESRC, 2002-2003)

Impact of School Library Services on Achievement and Learning. (Funded by Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries, 2001-2002)

Impact of the School Library Resource Centre on Learning. (Funded by Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries, 1999-2001)

Other Projects under Information Literacy Theme

The development of carer information strategies. A collaborative project between the Health Services Research Group and Professor Dorothy Williams. (Supported by the Carers Research Partnership)

An Evaluation of the Critical Success Factors in Implementing Technology Based Teaching Materials in Higher Education: human factors. (Funded by ITSN-ICS, 2002)

AENEAS - Access to Electronic Networks: Evaluating Alternative Strategies. (Funded by the Scottish Library and Information Council)

Provision of ICT Support for Teachers in Scotland. (Funded by The Scottish Executive Education Department, 1999-2000)

Teachers' ICT Skills and Knowledge Needs. (Funded by The Scottish Office Education and Industry Department, 1997-1998)

Events and Conferences

Making Connections events - an occasional series of presentations and workshops bringing researchers and practitioners together to explore the implications of research into information literacy.

What can the workplace teach us about information literacy? - Dr Annemaree Lloyd, Charles Sturt University, Australia, June 2013

Critical Approaches:  Information Literacy Culture and Transformational Change - Carroll Wetzel Wilkinson, West Virginia University Libraries and Courtney Bruch, Front Range Community College, Colorado, April 2012

Drawing from others: Ways of knowing about information literacy performance - Dr Annemaree Lloyd, Charles Sturt University, Australia, September 2008

Zones of Intervention in the Information Search Process: Vital Roles for Librarian - Professor Carol Kuhlthau, School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University, USA, June 2007

How Electronic Journals are Changing Reading Patterns - Professor Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee, USA, March 2007



Publications associated with Information Literacies research can be found on the individual project pages. They are also listed in our cross-theme lists of Departmental publications:

Examples of PhDs

Ruben Toledano-O'Farrill
The relationship between information literacy and knowledge management in NHS24.

Konstantina Martzoukou
The development of an holistic model of information seeking behaviour of students in higher education, encompassing use of Internet search engines.
Completed 2006

Alan MacLennan
Design of virtual worlds for accessing information: discovering user preferences.
Completed 2007

Robert Newton
Evaluation of the Development and Application of Multimedia Computer Assisted Learning in Higher Education.
Completed 2001

Audrey Sutton
Using information in 5-14: an examination of the factors which contribute to pupils’ successful information use and learning, with a focus on Levels D to E of the curriculum.
Completed 2001