The Department of Management offers a range of business, HR and management degrees.

Courses -  providing business and management degrees accredited or recognised by professional bodies including the AMBA accredited MBA programme.Our management degree courses equip students with relevant industry skills and knowledge.

Graduate employment success rates are good - as The Sunday Times University Guide noted, "a degree from Robert Gordon University is as near to a guarantee of a job as you can get" and we have been rated "Top university in the UK for graduate employment” (HESA, 2015). Our courses are ranked within the top Universities by the Complete University Guide and The Guardian University Tables.

Business & Management Degrees


The Department of Management is active in research in the areas of Business Management, Human Resource Management, Economics and Public Policy.

The Department has a strong reputation in research in several fields of business and management including leadership development, knowledge intensive organisations, social capital and comparative employee relations. We have obtained grant funds, published journal articles and books and supervise research in these areas.

Management Research

Research in the area of Business Management covers different aspects in the field of general management. Our PhD and DBA research students have studied topic areas such as leadership in the development of CSR policies; transformational leadership; training in small and medium size firms; women's narratives of career transition and development; and employee resource flows in IT companies.

Business and Management
The following subject fields in the area of Business Management show the research interests of academic staff and research students:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Strategy
  • Environmental Management and Policy
  • Psychological Contracts
  • Operations and logistics management
  • Quality Management

In relation to entrepreneurship research, The Charles P. Skene Centre for Entrepreneurship has an enthusiastic research active group with a variety of interests and expertise in the topic of entrepreneurship. They undertake both qualitative and quantitative approaches to entrepreneurship and have research interests in two broad areas.  Entrepreneurship research is under the directorship of Professor Alistair Anderson.

An area of specialisation is Small Business and SMEs. Particular aspects of this include such topics as training, knowledge management, governance or innovation. The focus is on the smaller business, as being different from larger businesses, but nonetheless playing a key role in enterprise and business nationally.

Human Resource Management Research

We have a growing reputation in a number of other applied research topics such as professional development (e.g. portfolio tools), women's career development (notably social networks and mentoring), corporate social responsibility, change in faith-based organisations and employee assistance programmes. We have been engaged in consultancy work in these areas for private, public and not-for-profit sector organisations.

Expertise and PhD research supervision
Our supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research extends to related topics within the disciplines of human resource management, strategic human resource management, international human resource management and employee relations. HRM modules contribute to many of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The postgraduate course in Human Resource Management is recognised by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

In addition to this broad range of research subjects, we are always interested in discussing other topics. In particular, we are interested in applications for doctoral study in the area of The Relationship between Organisational Aesthetics, Organisational Emotions, Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, within a university/business school context.

Economics and Finance Research

Economics staff in the Department have published papers and refereed articles in a range of journals and made contributions/written chapters in several books. They also regularly present papers at national and international conferences and have undertaken research in the areas of:

  • Finance and Financial Economics: Governance issues and the market for corporate control
  • Finance and Financial Economics: Corporate Failure
  • Finance and Financial Economics: Financial Markets
  • Economics: Labour Market Skills

Finance and Financial Economics
Governance issues and the market for corporate control with areas of interest including:

  • corporate governance and performance (Charlie Weir);
  • the market for corporate control and the importance of governance characteristics (Charlie Weir);
  • factors affecting public to private transaction (Charlie Weir);
  • firm undervaluation and going private (Charlie Weir);
  • the extent to which take-over targets are heterogeneous (Charlie Weir);
  • the importance of private equity in going private transactions (Charlie Weir);
  • private information and the market for corporate control (Charlie Weir):
  • shareholder gains and LBOs (Charlie Weir) and the impact of going private (Charlie Weir and Peter Jones).

Financial Markets
Areas of interest include:

  • testing the operational and informational efficiency of financial markets fixed income securities, debt markets, interest rates and yield curve estimation (Farooq Ahmad);
  • the UK Gilt market and the impact of reforms and innovations on gilt market efficiency (Farooq Ahmad).

Labour Market Skills
In addition to the research interest in financial economics outlined above, the department undertakes research in the areas of labour market economics, with particular reference to labour training and labour migration. Within the department is the Centre for International Labour Market Studies which had received funding from The Scottish Office, Scottish Executive, Scottish Enterprise, DTI, The European Social Fund and various TECs/LECs and NTOs.  Areas of interest include:

  • employment, training, skills and skills shortages, workforce development and lifelong learning (David Gibbons Wood);
  • labour market information and the role of the internet (David Gibbons Wood).

Public Policy Research

Public Policy Research was rated as 'internationally excellent' - one of the strongest results in Scotland. Public policy staff have published work in the British Journal of Political Science, Journal of Public Policy, Political Studies, Public Administration and the European Journal of Political Research.

Research Contact

Management Research Co-ordinator

Professor Heather Fulford


Departmental staff teach in a range of subjects covering Management, Human Resource Management and Public Policy. Staff roles and responsibilities, research interests and publications can be found on their staff profile page.

Academic Staff

  • Omowunmi Adeola-Omole

    Omowunmi Adeola Omole

    Dr. Omowunmi is a Lecturer in the Aberdeen Business School, Department of Management. She is engaged in undergraduate teaching programmes linked to economics concepts and principles.  

  • Abhishek Agarwal

    Dr Abhishek Agarwal

    Dr. Abhishek Agarwal is a Senior Lecturer in strategy and policy within Aberdeen Business School. His research interests are focused on strategy, planning and policy approaches shaping the energy sector, and the development and management of industrial symbiosis networks.  

  • Carol Air

    Carol Air

    Carol Air is a lecturer in Management and the Course Leader for the MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain Management course.  

  • Alistair Anderson

    Alistair Anderson

    Professor Anderson is the Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Theme Leader for the Business and Enterprise research group. His research interests are in Social aspects of Entrepreneurship and SMEs.  

  • Javeria Ashfaq Qureshi

    Javeria Ashfaq Qureshi is a visiting researcher at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Peter Atorough

    Peter Atorough

    Dr Peter Atorough is lecturer of operations and supply chain management, with additional responsibilities as module coordinator for undergraduate operations management and postgraduate supply chain management.  

  • Moira Bailey

    Moira Bailey

    Dr Moira Bailey is a senior lecturer and programme manager in the department of management and delivers courses on the undergraduate, postgraduate and online programmes.  

  • Colin Bell

    Colin Bell

    Colin Bell is a Lecturer in the Department of Management. His research interest is in the field of change management in the oil and gas industry, such as Application of Lean/ Sigma6 solutions to O&G problems .  

  • Ian Broadbent

    Ian Broadbent

    Ian is a Senior Lecturer in the Strategy and Policy Group in the Department of Management. He is also the Course Leader for Executive Part-time MBA programmes at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Erica Cargill

    Erica Cargill

    Erica Cargill is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management. She is also Programme Leader of the Undergraduate Management Programme.  

  • Kirsteen Close

    Kirsteen Close

    Kirsteen Close is Lecturer in the Department of Management.  

  • Lisa Collie

    Lisa is a Teaching Assistant for the HRM Group, within the Department of Management.  

  • James Cunningham

    Image Unavailable

    James is a lecturer in management at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Steph Davidson

    Steph Davidson

    Steph is Lecturer for the MSc Health, Safety and Risk Management programme.  

  • Jared Dempsey

    Image Unavailable

    Dr Jared Dempsey is a lecturer specialising in Project Management  

  • Mike Ellis

    Image Unavailable

    Mike is a lecturer in the Human Resource Management team, contributing to both undergraduate and masters modules.  

  • Rhona Flin

    Image Unavailable

    Rhona Flin is Professor of Industrial Psychology at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • James Fox

    James is responsible for, or teaches on, a variety of modules at both post and undergraduate level.  

  • Simon Fraser

    Simon Fraser

    Dr Simon Fraser is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. He is Research Degrees Co-ordinator for the Department of Management.  

  • Heather Fulford

    Image Unavailable

    Professor Heather Fulford is the Academic Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Research Coordinator for the Department of Management. Her research interests include: enterprise education; business start up resources; social enterprise; ICT in SMEs.  

  • David Gibbons-Wood

    David Gibbons-Wood

    David Gibbons-Wood is a lecturer and Director of the Centre for International Labour Market Studies. His research interests are in employment, education and local, national and international labour market policy.  

  • Denise Gosling

    Image Unavailable

    Denise Gosling is a lecturer in the Department of Management teaching Human Resource Management.  

  • Graham Grant

    Graham Grant

    Graham Grant is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • David Gray

    Professor David Gray

    David Gray is Associate Dean of Research at Aberdeen Business School and Professor of Transport Policy.  

  • Justin Greenwood

    Justin Greenwood

    Professor Greenwood is a Professor of European Public Policy and a visiting Professor at the College of Europe. His research specialism is EU interest representation.  

  • Lowellyne James

    Lowellyne James

    Lowellyne James is a lecturer in MSc Quality Management and MSc Purchasing & Supply Chain Management.  

  • Mohammed Kishk

    Dr Mohammed Kishk

    Dr Kishk is the Group Lead of Operations Management and a Senior Lecturer in Project Management within the Department of Management, Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Alison Lawman

    Alison Lawman

    Alison is a lecturer in Project Management at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Marianthi Leon

    Dr Marianthi Leon

    Dr Marianthi Leon is a Lecturer within the Department of Management, Aberdeen Business School and she is a Research Fellow within Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the Built Environment.  

  • Dave MacKintosh

    Dave MacKintosh

    Dave Mackintosh is a Lecturer in the Department of Management. He is Course Leader for the Full-Time MSc in Human Resource Management course.  

  • Iain MacLeod

    Iain MacLeod

    Dr Iain MacLeod is a Lecturer in the Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Charles Maddison

    Charles Maddison

    Charles Maddison is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and Course Leader for Energy Management.  

  • Nicolas Maulet

    Nicolas Maulet

    Nicolas is a lecturer in Energy law and policy (module coordinator) and Dispute resolution in Oil and Gas contracting.  

  • Susan McWhirr

    Susan McWhirr

    Susan McWhirr is Lecturer in Human Resource Management and delivers courses on the undergraduate, postgraduate and online programmes.  

  • Brian Miller

    Brian Miller

    Brian Miller is a part time lecturer within the Department of Management, he is currently involved in delivery of the Oil & Gas Management modules.  

  • John Morran

    Image Unavailable

    Dr Morran works as a lecturer in the Department of Management at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Amar Nayak

    Amar Nayak

    Amar Nayak is a Research Assistant in the Department of Management and the Institute for Management Governance and Society (IMAGES).  

  • Adam Ogilvie-Smith

    Adam Ogilvie-Smith

    Professor Adam Ogilvie-Smith is a visiting professor at the Aberdeen Business School. His teaching interests lie in the areas of Management Consultancy, Organisation Review, Organisational Development, Strategy, Marketing and Business Continuity.  

  • John Park

    J Park

    Visiting Lecturer - teaching Technology Strategy on the Aberdeen Business School MBA Programme.  

  • Emmanuelle Rey-Marmonier

    Dr E. Rey-Marmonier

    Dr. Emmanuelle Rey-Marmonier is a HRM lecturer in the Aberdeen Business School Department of Management.  

  • Sheonagh Rowley

    Sheonagh Rowley

    Sheonagh Rowley is a Lecturer in the Department of Management.  

  • Allan Scott

    Allan Scott

    Allan Scott is MBA Director for MBA programmes at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Brian Scroggie

    Brian Scroggie

    Brian Scroggie is a lecturer in the Department of Management. His teaching interests are in the areas of Treasury, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets.  

  • Graeme Stephen

    Graeme Stephen

    Graeme Stephen is a Senior Lecturer in Communication, Marketing and Media, he is also course leader for the full time MBA programmes  

  • Anne Stevenson

    Anne Stevenson

    Anne is a Teaching Fellow and the Human Resource Management Group Lead. Anne's research interests include human and organisational factors impacting upon health and safety, embedding employability in the curriculum and stress in academics.  

  • Peter Strachan

    Professor Peter Strachan

    Professor Strachan’s main area of expertise is on the subject of energy policy, oil and gas management and renewables.  

  • Bill Sutherland

    Bill Sutherland

    Dr Bill Sutherland is a lecturer in the Management department and is Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator for corporate programmes.  

  • Charlie Weir

    Charlie Weir

    Charlie Weir is a Professor of Economics. His research interests are in corporate governance and agency issues, the market for corporate control with special reference to public-to-private transactions, analyst independence and market regulation.  

  • Lin Xiong

    Lin Xiong

    Dr Lin Xiong is a lecturer in the Management department and teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate economics modules.