The Accounting and Finance Department offer accounting and finance degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Courses The department offers a number undergraduate and specialist postgraduate accounting and finance degrees. Our courses provide industry relevant knowledge and skills and are internationally recognised for excellence in professional education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Graduate employment success rates are good - as The Sunday Times University Guide noted, "a degree from Robert Gordon University is as near to a guarantee of a job as you can get" and we have been rated "Top university in the UK for graduate employment” (HESA, 2015). Our courses are ranked within the top Universities by the Complete University Guide and The Guardian University Tables.

Accounting & Finance Degrees

Our undergraduate and postgraduate accounting and finance degrees offer the option to study full-time or via online learning.

Providing relevant industry knowledge and skills, our courses are ranked within the top Universities by the Complete University Guide and The Guardian University Tables.

Undergraduate Courses

The Department is responsible for two innovative and successful undergraduate courses -

The BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance degree is fully-accredited with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and also receives some excellent exemptions from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

The online supported distance learning course BSc Accounting (with CIMA) degree allows students to uniquely graduate with both their BSc and a recognition award from the professional body CIMA.

Postgraduate Courses

Professional development modules such as CIMA Professional Development are also now available by online study.

Graduates from our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are equipped with the skills necessary to develop their career to a senior level in accounting and finance or across a variety of other sectors.


A thriving research culture has been developed within the department with significant success achieved by staff who have published in internationally refereed journals.

Departmental research covers areas such as Accounting Education and Critical Accounting and is managed by the departmental Research Co-ordinator, Professor Linda Kirkham. Staff regularly publish papers in journals, publish refereed monographs and book chapters and are active in presenting papers at national and international conferences. The department has also hosted a number of high profile conferences including the British Accounting Association conference.

The Accounting and Finance department achieved recognition for their excellent research capability with 70% of the research output deemed to be of international standing.  This research rating further consolidates the reputation of the department which is renowned for its teaching capability and demonstrates that the department is a key player in the Accounting and Finance academic community. Departmental research covers areas such as Accounting Education and Critical Accounting -

Accounting Education:  Specific areas of interest - 

  • graduate selection and the profession (Elizabeth Gammie);
  • the performance of undergraduate accountancy students (Elizabeth Gammie);
  • group assessment at final degree level (Elizabeth Gammie, Brenda Paver and Moraq Matson);
  • selection techniques within the accountancy profession (Elizabeth Gammie);
  • gender issues (Elizabeth Gammie, Brenda Paver and Fiona Duncan);

Critical Accounting: Areas of interest include -

  • gender issues in accounting (Linda Kirkham);
  • the accounting profession (Elizabeth Gammie and Linda Kirkham);
  • accounting history (Linda Kirkham).

Full information on publications can be seen on the individual staff page, such as those for -

Research Contact
For further information on research within the Accounting and Finance department please contact the Research Co-ordinator, Professor Linda Kirkham

Tel: +44 (0)1224 263554


Staff have both established academic expertise and professional experience in the accounting sector. Their responsibilities, research interests and publications can be found on individual staff profile pages.

Head of Department

  • Elizabeth Gammie

    Elizabeth Gammie

    Professor Elizabeth Gammie is Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance with teaching interests in a variety of accounting and research related modules.  

  • Academic Staff

  • Farooq Ahmad

    Dr Farooq Ahmad

    Dr Ahmad is a lecturer in International Finance and Corporate Financial Management. His research interests include: Financial Markets Efficiency Analysis; Regulation and Evaluation of innovation/reform impacts on Financial markets.  

  • Ayodele Asekomeh

    Asekomeh Ayodele

    Dr Ayodele Asekomeh is a Senior Lecturer in Energy Finance and leader of the MSc Oil and Gas Finance course.  

  • Claire Clark

    Claire Clark

    Claire is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is lecturing within the department of Accounting and Finance.  

  • Michelle Coull

    Image Unavailable

    Michelle Coull is a Lecturer in the department of Accounting and Finance.  

  • Louise Crawford

    Professor Louise Crawford teaches accountancy within Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Fiona Duncan

    Fiona Duncan

    Fiona Duncan is Course Leader for the BA (Honours) Accounting and Finance and her teaching interests lie in the areas of Financial Reporting, Auditing and International Accounting.  

  • Valerie Gilchrist

    Image Unavailable

    Valerie is the module co-ordinator for BS1270, Management Accounting and also tutors on BS3142, External Finance and BS2268, Personal & Business Finance.  

  • Martyn Gordon

    Martyn teaches a variety of subjects within the Accounts and Finance department, his specialist area of knowledge is taxation.  

  • Omaima Hassan

    Omaima is a lecturer in finance and accounting at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Tong Jiao

    Image Unavailable

    Tong Jiao is a lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance.  

  • Susan Lawrie

    Susan Lawrie

    Susan Lawrie is a Teaching Fellow and is course leader for the Part-time Business Management, Graduate Certificate in Management Studies and Graduate Certificate in Project Management courses.  

  • Hugh Little

    Image Unavailable

    During his tenure as Visiting Professor, Hugh will deliver sessions to accountancy and business management students which will give an insight into his working world.  

  • Shonagh Mackay

    Image Unavailable

    Shonagh Mackay is a Lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance.  

  • Morag Matson

    Morag Matson

    Morag Matson is Lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance and her teaching interests lie in Taxation and Financial Accounting.  

  • Brenda Paver

    Brenda Paver

    Brenda is Lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance.  

  • Gillian Peters

    Image Unavailable

    Gillian is a lecturer in Accounting and Finance, and is head of year one for the CIMA BSC Accounting. Prior to joining the University, she worked in the oil service industry in both management and financial accounting roles.  

  • Lindsey Stewart

    Lindsey Stewart

    Lindsey Stewart is Lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance and teaches in the areas of accounting and finance on undergraduate programmes.  

  • Nicola Ward

    Image Unavailable

    Nicola is a Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Xin Zhang

    Xin Zhang

    Xin is a lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance, his specialist teaching areas are Econometrics and Financial Investments.