External Examination Venues

A number of external venues are used to accommodate the University's examinations.  A list of these, with postal addresses, is provided.

External Examination Venues

Examination stationery (e.g. answer booklets) is sent to external venues by University transport a short time in advance of the examination diets.  Estates and Property Services advise Schools of the dates for this and of the colour codes to be used for stationery boxes. For the purposes of stationery, RGU Sport is regarded as an external venue.

Examinations - RGU Campus Map

Examinations - Map of Copthorne Hotel

Examinations - Map of Aberdeen Douglas Hotel

Timetabling Information for Schools

Examination timetabling involves input from Schools, Estates and Academic Affairs. Before the commencement of each Academic Year, Estates produce a timetabling schedule which includes deadline dates for the following:

  • Submission of individual School timetables to Estates. Each School produces its own examination timetable in draft form and submits this to Estates before the given deadline. For Schools with shared modules, it is the host School which is responsible for scheduling the examination on the timetable.
  • Deadline date for Estates to produce the University timetable complete with room allocation, and accommodating any further changes made to the timetable since it was first submitted by the School.
  • Deadline date for Academic Affairs to produce a copy of the timetable with External Invigilators assigned.

Examination Timetable Instructions

Examination Timetable Exemplar

Examination Proformas

The Role of External Invigilators

Examinations: Guidelines and Guidance Notes

Examinations for Students Requiring Alternative Arrangements

Computer Aided Assessment (CAA)