The Library’s online reading lists service ( helps you to find the books, journal articles and other resources you are expected to use for your module.

Aspire ButtonIt shows the location of books in the Library and by clicking on the links in the lists you can get direct access to many of the electronic resources.

Once a list is published on ASPIRE@RGU a link will become available automatically within the relevant module on CampusMoodle.

  • To find your reading list, click on the Aspire logo and then enter the module number or title. Logging in (with your university ID) at the start of using the list will allow quicker access to the online resources.
  • If you have any queries about the online reading list service, email

ASPIRE@RGU: Guide for students

When your lecturer has arranged for a reading list to be made available online via ASPIRE@RGU you can find it in two ways.

  • Aspire ButtonThe Aspire button will show in the relevant module on CampusMoodle. (If there is no link, there may be no list on ASPIRE@RGU. If you would like the Library to check this, please e-mail
  • You can search or browse Aspire:
  1. Type in the module name, module number or lecturer’s surname then click ‘Search’ or
  2. Click ‘Browse hierarchy’ then pick the ‘subject area’ then scroll through the list of modules. If there is a list the Aspire button will show and you can click to access your list.

Sign into Aspire using your RGU username and password. The sign in link is in the top right corner of the screen. Signing in to Aspire when you first access the reading list will allow you to link in to the electronic resources without the need to sign in to each one individually.

ASPIRE@RGU: Guide for academics

Information for Academic Staff

A.Setting up an online reading list on Aspire

Option 1

Library staff can create and update your list for you. E-mail your reading list with the following details to

  • Module Name
  • Module Number
  • Delivery (e.g. Distance Learning)
  • Name of Module Co-ordinator
  • Number of students
  • The date the list is needed by
  • Identify on the list the items you would like identified as ‘Suggested for Student Purchase’, ‘Essential Reading’, ‘Recommended Reading’ or ‘Optional Reading’
  • Identify on the list any items you would like to have placed on ‘Academic reserve’ (i.e. Short Loan)
  • Identify on the list any journal articles or book chapters you would like to have digitised
  • Details of any requirements for how the lists should be divided into sections

The Library Service will check if there are any more recent editions of books and, where appropriate, purchase copies and amend the bibliographic details on lists accordingly. The Library Service will check which book chapters and journal articles may be digitised in accordance with the Copyright Licensing Agency Higher Education License (see below) and, where appropriate, make the digitised versions available.

If you would like any subsequent amendments to the list, e-mail the details to

Option 2

The Library Service can create the list – as above.

The Library Service can provide instructions and allow you editing rights to make subsequent amendments and add supplementary notes on the list yourself. Having editing rights will allow you (with just one click of a button) to request a digitised copy of an item which was not made available in such a format when the list was created.

For details, contact


When the list is available on Moodle you should see the Aspire button:

 Moodle Aspire

To display the digitised readings, if you do not see the logo, you need to:

  • Turn the editing on within your module
  • Look down the menu on the right hand side - at the bottom there is an option of ‘Add a block’.

Click on the down arrow at the right hand side of the box displaying “Add”

Adding Moodle Block 1st image

And click on “Digitised readings”.

Moodle Block 2nd image

Further information about the creation and maintenance of reading lists is also available from the Library’s Academic Liaison team.

B. Making digitised copies available to students

Under the Copyright Licensing Agency Higher Education License, digital copies of certain material (e.g. some book chapters and journal articles) can be provided to students.

Using TALIS Aspire software, the Library Service provides a streamlined process for making digital copies available via online reading lists. This service should now be used for all existing and new reading lists.

What sort of material can be made available digitally?

  • Material which was originally published in the UK or US with the exception of publishers who have not signed up to the licence. See the CLA list of excluded publishers
  • Material owned by the Library or by a School which can be produced if requested by the CLA
  • Copyright fee paid materials from the British Library

How much can be made available digitally?

  • A chapter from a book 
  • An article from a journal
  • A whole paper from a set of conference proceedings 
  • A short story or poem from an anthology (not exceeding 10 pages)
  • A whole report from a single case of a judicial proceedings Or 5% whatever is greater
  • Whole page images or embedded images may also be scanned

How can I request a digital copy?

If you wish to make a digital copy available please contact the Library Aspire Team (

Please provide details of the item, course name, module number, number of students on the module and the date the item is required for.

Alternatively please mark up your reading list with the items that you wish to made available as digital copies when you submit it.

Library staff will check if the item you require can be made available as a digital copy under the Copyright Licensing Agency License.

What if the item I request to be scanned does not comply with the licence?

Library staff will investigate if we can gain permission directly from the publisher for the item to be made available digitally.

What is the timescale for making items available?

If the item is covered by the License and is available it will normally take 2 days.

If the material is not covered, the timescale is dependent on the individual publisher. Some publishers will not grant permission for digitisation.

Can I undertake scanning myself?

Only library staff are designated as authorised to make copies under the Copyright Licensing Agency License and as such will take responsibility for compliance of the digitised copies they deal with.

Where can I get further information on digital copies?

Detailed information on making digital copies is available in our Policy for Copyright on our Library Policies page or contact the Library Aspire Team (