Whether you are in the business of health, or want for better health for your business, RGU:Wellness’ highly specialist occupational health services provide value-based, objective, sustainable solutions to ensure the wellbeing of your colleagues and your company.

RGU:Wellness provides a suite of specialist services to support the health and well-being agendas of clients in all sectors. Designed to complement and enhance prevailing occupational health offerings, RGU:Wellness provides innovative, forward thinking and sustainable solutions to complex and costly absence and health-related problems.

The RGU:Wellness portfolio includes both service based and consultancy products which are available to health professionals and businesses alike.  Our patient centred approach results in the highest standards of personalised care to individuals and, not only resolves their health-related difficulties but also prevents issues from returning – a positive result for both the employee and the employer. 

Why choose RGU: Wellness

Our core objectives are to:

  • Deliver access to specialist occupational health services and state of the art facilities
  • Reduce waiting times and OH process timescales
  • Support quicker rehabilitation to the workplace
  • Minimise patient’s anxiety
  • Allow companies to benefit from our extensive experience of teaching and conducting research in the field of occupational health, which is embedded in every service RGU:Wellness offers

Our Services