Environmental & Occupational Health Research Staff

Staff within this theme focus on clinical and basic science research around the topic of environmental health and physical wellbeing.

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  • Katherine Burgess

    Katherine Burgess

    Lecturer/Course Leader - BSc (Hons) Applied Sport & Exercise Science  

  • Andrew Lamb

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    Dr Lamb is a reader in Microbiology at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, and an IHWR member. His key research area is in the development and evaluation of novel antimicrobial agents and he has extensive experience in the field of bacteriology.  

  • Kerr Matthews

    Kerr Matthews

    Dr Matthews is a lecturer in Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, and an IHWR member. His key research interests lie in drug delivery and formulation science, polymer science and its application in the pharmaceutical industry and wound healing.  

  • Noelle O’Driscoll

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    Noelle is a lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.  

  • Paul Swinton

    Paul Swinton

    Lecturer in Applied Sport & Exercise Science  

  • Colin Thompson

    Colin Thompsom

    Dr Thompson is a lecturer in Surface Chemistry and Drug Delivery at School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. His research interests lie in the areas of polymer-drug conjugates, Drug micro- and nano-encapsulation, Polyelectrolyte delivery systems and Oral protein delivery.  

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    1. 12, April, 2016 Researchers tackle public protection issues with police, health and social care professionals

      Public protection research

      Researchers in Scotland have highlighted the need for greater collaboration between agencies to enhance public protection and the safety of vulnerable adults and those at risk of harm.  

    2. 11, April, 2016 ICMAN and IUPHAR Conference to head to Aberdeen

      Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

      The first joint conference between The International Conference on Mechanisms of Action of Nutraceuticals (ICMAN) and the International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR) Natural Products Section will bring their biennial meetings to Aberdeen from September 2017.