The oil and gas industry is currently extending the frontiers of current technologies as well as adopting a vast array of new innovative technologies.

Meeting these objectives demands a quantum leap in integrated technical know-how in terms of fundamental principles and development of new technologies.This is the key driver for the integrated research and development programmes in oil and gas reservoir and well technology being carried out by the Well Engineering Research Group at IDEAS Institute (RGU). 

The Well Engineering Research Group is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists with expertise in oil and gas engineering, well engineering, geomechanics, material engineering, CFD modelling, Acoustics/NDT, instrumentation and control and fluids engineering. 

Group members interests in field of:

  • Sand Management 
  • Production optimisation in unconventional and complex reservoirs
  • Produced water management
  • Flow assurance 
  • CO2 Sequestration and storage in depleted reservoirs and deep saline formations
  • Intelligent systems and technologies for deepwater application including nanotechnologies

Current projects

  • Formation Damage Models  for Common Oilfield Polymers
  • Fracture-Matrix Flow Partitioning in Fractured Reservoirs
  • A Predictive Tool to Analyse the Structural Integrity of Deep Saline Formations for Long Term CO2 Storage
  • Produced Water Treatment Using Chitosan
  • Cold Heavy Oil Production Using CO2-EOR Technique
  • Horizontal Well Optimisation in Shale Oil Reservoirs
  • Gas Condensate Flow Modelling in Near Wellbore Areas for Shale Gas Reservoirs

Recent projects

  • SalinityScan
  • Mare’s Tail for Produced Water Management
  • Multiphase Solids Transport in Subsea Tiebacks
  • SAGD Process Optimisation for Heavy Oil Recovery

Theme Leader

  • Babs Oyeneyin

    Babs Oyeneyin Profile

    Professor Oyeneyin's main research is in multiphase fluid flow dynamics, integrated sand management, produced water management, oil/gas well engineering, unconventional reservoir management, flow assurance and production optimisation in deepwater environment.  

  • Staff

  • Ghazi Droubi

    Ghazi Droubi Profile

    Dr Ghazi Droubi is a lecturer in Mechanical Enginnering  

  • Mamdud Hossain

    Dr Mamdud Hossain

    Dr. Hossain’s interests include advanced combustion modelling, CFD modelling of multi-phase flows in oil and gas, turbulence-device interaction in tidal stream and fuel cell.  

  • Sheikh Islam

    Sheikh Islam

    Dr Sheikh Islam is a lecturer in the School of Engineering  

  • Draco Iyi

    Draco Iyi

    Dr. Draco Iyi is a lecturer and researcher at the RGU School of Engineering.  

  • Sha Jihan

    Image Unavailable

    Dr Jihan is a lecturer within the school of engineering.  

  • Stewart Massie

    Stewart Massie Profile2

    Active researcher in Case-Based Reasoning, Data/Text Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Personalisation  

  • James Njuguna

    James Njuguna

    Dr James Njuguna is a Reader in Composite Materials and Structures at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. He has has a long-standing interest and extensive research experience in composite materials (and nanomaterials) for structural applications primarily focusing on transport lightweight structures and more recently into Oil and Gas sector.  

  • Gbenga Oluyemi

    Gbenga Oluyemi

    Dr Oluyemi is a Lecturer and MSc Projects Manager for both FT and Distance Learning students at the Robert Gordon University. His research covers oilfield chemistry related formation damage, optimisation of fracture flow, formation evaluation and geomechanical characterisation of formation rock.  

  • Reza Sanaee

    Reza Sanaee

    Reza is developing new courses on unconventional Oil & Gas Resources development and Reservoir Engineering in the RGU Oil & Gas Institute and School of Engineering.  

  • Students

  • Hussain Arab

    Hussain Arab Profile

    Application of chitosan in the treatment of produced water from the oil fields.  

  • Ovoke Arigbe

    Ovoke Arigbe Profile 1

    Research Student studying Reservoir Parameters Prediction and Characterization Using Integrated Sequence Stratigraphic, Dynamic Modeling, Neural Networks Approach in the Interpretation of Well Tests on Deep Offshore Reservoirs.  

  • Ismail Labed

    Ismail Labed Profile

    Gas-condensate flow modelling for shale gas reservoirs.  

  • Favour Makinde

    Image Unavailable

    Research on horizontal well production optimization.  

  • Ayman Mostafa

    Image Unavailable

    Ayman is a PhD student in Engineering.  

  • Past Members and Collaborators

    • Dr Amol Bali (BP Aberdeen)
    • Dr Kelani Bello (University of Benin, Nigeria)
    • Dr Eben Adom (DNV Aberdeen)
    • Dr Ibrahim Younes (Baker Hughes)
    • Dr Eric Tchambak