We have an established and inter-disciplinary programme of research into the field of design visualisation in the built environment.

The group is multi-disciplinary and has a focus on improving design processes, often from the perspective of the end user. Within the work undertaken, approaches from visualisation, environmental economics, environmental psychology, environmental design and urban design have enabled researchers to identify the manner in which complex sets of attributes influence choice and value.

The use of rapidly developing IT applications within the evaluation of environments has been central to the innovative aspects of much of the research. This has included the use of computer visualisation and modelling, scanning and environmental analysis, to enable user involvement and decision support within planning and urban design. The application and usability of new methods in building information modelling and visualisation in practice is also important within this theme, much of which has involved investigation of the potential future role of such techniques in the education and practice of design professions.

The theme has been responsible for many other published papers and reports, including successful PhD completions. It has been increasingly well funded, with current research exploring sustainable urban transport, architectural heritage auditing and urban design.

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Current research (since 2008)

Earlier projects


  • Amar Bennadji

    Amar Bennadji

    Amar is a Lecturer whose research interests include energy conservation, retrofitting, CAD and virtual reality.  

  • David Gray

    Professor David Gray

    David Gray is a Professor of Transport Policy at RGU.  

  • Tahar Kouider

    Tahar Kouider

    Tahar is Programme Leader for all Undergraduate courses; Architecture, Architectural Technology, Construction Management and Surveying and Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology.  

  • Richard Laing

    Richard Laing Profile 2

    Richard Laing, Professor of Built Environment Visualisation at the Scott Sutherland School, has research interests in built environment visualisation, conservation, sustainable urban design & building information modelling.  

  • Huda Salman

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    Huda is a part time Lecturer in Architectural Technology and acts as School Research Degree Coordinator. Her research interests are mainly focused on the impact of Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) and Information Technology (IT) on the conceptual phase of design, visual thinking and decision making.  

  • Jonathan Scott

    Jonathan Scott

    Jonathan is Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology.  

  • Quazi Mohd Mahtab-uz Zaman

    Quazi Zaman Profile Image

    Dr Zaman, Course Leader, BSc Construction Management and Lecturer in Urban Design at the Scott Sutherland School researches urbanism in Scottish and Asian cities. He also conducts the ‘place making with children and the community’ research project.  

  • Students


  • Sylvian Braat

    Sylvian Braat

    My research seeks to develop an approach through which those actual and intrinsic built architectural elements, which define significance in a historic building, can be identified. This significance is vital, as it will form the basis for any prospective development.  

  • Marianthi Leon

    Dr Marianthi Leon

    Dr Marianthi Leon is a lecturer on Project and Construction Management.  

  • Past:

    • James Harty
    • Huda Salman
    • Niels Barrett
    • Carlos Galan Diaz
    • KK Lo
    • Anne Marie Davies
    • Richard Laing