This theme focuses on the use and impact of information and knowledge, with an emphasis on information user perspectives.

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The aim of the Information & Communication theme is to develop understanding of, and solutions to, information and communication challenges in society through quality research and practitioner engagement.  

Our Information and Communication research covers:

  • User Behaviours and Skills – integrates long-standing interests in information literacies, information behaviour and knowledge management.
  • Managing Information Assets – the role of information as an organisational or societal asset, and issues affecting its application.
  • Information Environments – the examination of specific information-centric contexts, such as libraries and publishers, as well as online and workplace environments.

Engagements and Outputs

Typical types of engagements undertaken by members of the Information and Communication theme include:

  • Externally-funded research projects (funding bodies include NHS, UNESCO, AHRC, and The EU)
  • Technology transfer partnerships (including Amor Group)
  • Consultancy work with public and private sector clients including Shell Expro and The United Nations

Events and Conferences

Making Connections Events

An occasional series of presentations and workshops bringing researchers and practitioners together to explore the implications of research into information literacy.

Information: Interactions and Impact (i3) Conference

The Information and Communication group's biennial international conference brings together researchers working in traditionally separate user-focused fields of information literacy, information behaviour, and impact.  The conference addresses research questions and methodological issues, and informs research agendas.

We are also proud members of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (ESRC Doctoral Training Centre
in Scotland) and its Information Science pathway

Contact/ Theme Leader: Dr Simon Burnett

Information & Communication Research Members