The oil and gas industry is currently extending the frontiers of current technologies as well as adopting a vast array of new innovative technologies.

Meeting these objectives demands a quantum leap in integrated technical know-how in terms of fundamental principles and development of new technologies.This is the key driver for the integrated research and development programmes in oil and gas reservoir and well technology being carried out by the Petroleum Engineering Research Group at IDEAS Institute (RGU). 

The Petroleum Engineering Research Group is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists with expertise in oil and gas engineering, well engineering, geomechanics, material engineering, CFD modelling, Acoustics/NDT, instrumentation and control and fluids engineering. 

Research Areas

Integrated Petroleum Engineering and Real-Time Solutions

  • Well Engineering[Drilling, Completions and Drilling Fluid Technologies]
  • Multiphase Flow Assurance
  • Integrated Sand Management
  • Unconventional Reservoir Management[Heavy Oil, Shale Systems]
  • Well Integrity/Decommissioning/Abandonment Solutions

Research Topics

  • Horizontal Well Production Optimisation and Application to Improved Oil Recovery in Shale Oil and Highly Permeability Reservoirs
  • Optimising Heavy Oil Production from tight sands through Underbalanced Horizontal Well drilling with CO2 Injection
  • Seismic Modelling of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Properties
  • Reservoir Characterization Using Integrated Sequence Stratigraphic, Dynamic Modelling, Neural Networks Approach in the Interpretation of Well Tests on Deep Offshore reservoirs
  • Real-Time Stuckpipe Prediction and application to drilling mechanics optimisation
  • High-angle HP-HT well integrity and cement failure
  • Multiphase Solids Transport in HP-HT Deepwater Wells
  • Realtime virtual sensing for gas production optimization in HP-HT Production System
  • Optimum discretization for a VoI assessment in an E&P project considering the risk of version attitude of the decision maker
  • Numerical and Experimental study of Interaction between Oilfield Chemicals and Formation Rocks and Integration with Sand Failure Prediction
  • Petrophysical and Geomechanical Characterisation of a Marginal Field
  • Performance of Scale Inhibitors in Sand Producing Reservoir
  • Improving Reservoir Uncertainty analysis using an integrated phased modelling approach
  • Numerical Modelling of Oil-Water Immiscible Flow and Heat Transfer in a Porous Media

Current Projects

Funded Projects

  • Sand Management Network – Phase 8[JIP]
  • Granular Subsurface Seal – [OGIC/Resolute Energy]

New Projects Proposals

  • The Development of an Integrated Real-Time Solids Monitoring System [Value: £580K over 3 years]
  • Decommissioning Options Optimisation Model for Offshore Structures; [Value: £89040 over 3years]


Petroleum Engineering Research Staff

Petroleum Engineering Research Staff

Petroleum Engineering Publications

OYENEYIN, M.B : Improved Heavy Oil Recovery Techniques: Fundamentals and Field Application , Springer Publications, (In Progress)

OYENEYIN, BABS. (2015). Developments in Petroleum Science, Volume 63 - Integrated Sand Management for Effective Hydrocarbon Flow Assurance. Elsevier Publishers. Online version available at: 

Book Chapters

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Oluyemi G., “Polymer in Petroleum Production” In: Encyclopedia of Polymeric Applications (Ed. Munmaya Mishra); Taylors and Francis; (under review)

Paper Outputs

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Ani, Maureen, Oluyemi, G, Petrovski A. and Gomari R S. “Reservoir Uncertainty Analysis: The Trends from Probability to Algorithms and Machine Learning,” SPE Intelligent Energy


Past Members and Collaborators

  • Dr Amol Bali (BP Aberdeen)
  • Dr Kelani Bello (University of Benin, Nigeria)
  • Dr Eben Adom (DNV Aberdeen)
  • Dr Ibrahim Younes (Baker Hughes)
  • Dr Eric Tchambak