The SIS group develops innovative digital technologies for building and applying intelligent information systems for real-world problems.

Research in Information Retrieval and Case-Based Reasoning uses Data Analytics and Text Mining to transform databases, text/Web documents and multimedia collections into smart information systems.

SIS research addresses the question of how to extract context-aware knowledge from data, text or multimedia content for decision support. 

Similarity knowledge and semantic indexing algorithms are developed to enable knowledge-rich content representations that can transform experiential content into case-based decision support systems. 

Context-aware knowledge discovery algorithms further enrich these representations through the integration of user behaviour, temporal and geospatial dimensions to support smarter retrieval, recommender and analytics systems.

SIS research on smart technologies is applied in intelligent search and browsing tools, personalised recommender systems, context-aware information retrieval, incident reporting and decision support systems.
Smart Systems have been developed for various application domains including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Journalism, Tourism and Social Media.  

Group members interests in field of:

  • Case-Based Reasoning
  • Data, Text and Web mining
  • Information Retrieval
  • Sentiment Analysis and Data Analytics

Current projects

Recent projects 

  • AHRC - STAR Accessing Implicit Knowledge of Textiles and Design (AHRC with Heriot-Watt & Johnstons) 
  • Textual Revision Applications in NLG and Textual CBR (NRP with Aberdeen University)
  • Knowledge Acquisition for Textual CBR (UKIERI with IIT Chennai and IBM India)
  • Project Planning for Well Engineering (KTP with XCD)
  • CBR for Remote Patient Health-Care Monitoring (KTP with AxSys Ltd)
  • CBR for Anomaly Report Processing (with European Space Agency)
  • Recipe recommendation with Food nutrient analytics (with EatBalanced)
  • Hybrid User Profiling and Adaptation (NRP with Yahoo!)
  • Context-sensitive High-order Language Model (RSE/NSFC with Tianjin)


  • Susan Craw

    Susan Craw H&S

    Susan is a Research Professor in Case-Based Reasoning, Data/Text Mining, Knowledge Discovery  

  • Robert Lothian

    Robert Lothian

    Research interest focuses on Textual Case-based Reasoning and related areas.  

  • Stewart Massie

    Stewart Massie Profile2

    Active researcher in Case-Based Reasoning, Data/Text Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Personalisation  

  • Nirmalie Wiratunga

    Nirmalie Wiratunga

    Professor in Computing. Her research interests are in knowledge discovery from data and text and Case-based Reasoning (CBR) Systems  

  • Students

  • Jeremie Clos

    Jeremie Clos

    Research Student focusing on Argumentation in the Social Web  

  • Kyle Martin

    Image Unavailable

    Research Student  

  • Blessing Mbipom

    Blessing Mbipom

    Personalised E-learning System  

  • Aminu Muhammad

    Aminu Muhammad

    Research Student  

  • Sadiq Sani

    Sadiq Sani

    Research Fellow  

  • Current Associates

    • Leszek Kaliciak
    • Jose Lloret Perez

    Past Members/Collaborators

    • Ralf Bierig (Vienna University of Technology)
    • Sutanu Chakraborti (IIT Chennai)
    • David Harper (Google)
    • Daqing He (University of Pittsburgh)
    • Jacek Jarmulak (Ingenuity Systems CA)
    • Joemon Jose (Glasgow University)
    • Ivan Koychev (University of Sofia)
    • Keith Matthews (James Hutton Institute)
    • Rahman Mukras (Amec)
    • Gheorghe Muresan ( Zhang (Tianjin University)
    • Rainer Schmidt (University Rostock)