The BIG CRIT – a sneak peek

Ahead of next Friday’s Big Crit, which will see Architecture students at Robert Gordon University (RGU) present their work to a panel of internationally respected practitioners this week, below is a sneak peek of some of the projects.

The annual ‘Big Crit’ will see students from all stages of RGU’s MA Architecture course present a range of projects to a panel of experts including distinguished architectural professionals and educators from across Europe on Friday, May 19.

The students will deliver presentations of their work, as well as provide leaflets and three-dimensional models to explain the thought-processes behind their ideas, before receiving feedback from the panel.

Grant Russell




Grant Russell (6th year Architecture Student) –

Grant’s mixed-use residential scheme plays with the settlements edge and takes shapes inspired from the Norwegian mountains while paying homage to Bergen's very old wooden architecture tradition. Its irregular forms inspire to create a dynamic play of light & shadow throughout the day as well as creating opportunities for social engagement.








Clement Guerard-Ortelli





Clement Guerard-Ortelli (5th year masters student on exchange from ENSAPL, Lille) –

Clement’s project, Cornhill Secondary, offers a simple structural answer with a relative modularity to a complex built environment, and aims through this to offer a unique approach of education to both children and the community.








Sophia Rusinova




Sophia Rusinova (3rd Year Architecture student)

This housing project, ‘Living on a Terrace’, offers untraditional way of living in a free open plan spaces parted from the limitation and enclosure of interior walls. The blankness of the space and the wide amount of area functions as canvas for the residents to express their individual style and preferences. But also highlights the beauty of the architectural qualities of the space trough the detailing and emphasising the texture qualities of materials and furniture. Building designed to function separated from the city grid and operate in environment friendly way and also to create new urban environment surrounding the residence of social intensity and nature for the residents and the public.







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