Coming soon

IT Services are gradually replacing the login screens of many RGU services, including Your Gateway, Campus Moodle, Student Email (OutlookLive), Staff Webmail (OWA). 

Instead of the various login screens that we currently have for these resources, instead there will be a new standard RGU login screen that will look like this:

Login screen for UAG

‘Single Sign-on!’

You should notice that you can move more seamlessly between RGU resources as you are no longer asked for your user ID and password as often.  Once logged in via this new authentication service you will then have single access to lots of different RGU systems.

Close Browsers after Log out!

As with all web-based services (not just RGU ones) please ensure you close all your browser sessions (tabs) completely to be sure you have logged out successfully.  This is particularly important if you are not using your own device (e.g. internet cafe, lab PC, shared device at home).”