A Textbook of Community Nursing

A new textbook has been co-edited by Heather Bain, a lecturer from the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Robert Gordon University, along with fellow members of the Association of District Nurse Educators: Sue Chilton, Ann Clarridge and Karen Melling.

Book Launch

This text recognises that community nursing is dynamic, forever changing and builds on the concepts that are recognised within community nurse education at Robert Gordon University (Baguley et al. 2010). In the promotion of optimum health and well-being Community Practitioners work in a variety of settings with individuals, families and communities. Community Nursing is complex, but essentially falls within the following four continuums:

• Birth to Death – Community Practitioners work with all ages across the lifespan.

• Vulnerability – Resilience: individuals, families and communities fluctuate in and out of vulnerability and resilience throughout their lives.

• Assessment – Intervention: Community Practitioners work within a cycle of assessment of needs and interventions to address the needs and support individuals, families and communities.

• Leadership and Autonomy – Community Practitioners work in varying degrees of autonomy and leadership in advancing practice, evidencing practice and providing the best practice.

It is a comprehensive and evidence-based introduction covering the full range of professional issues, including community nursing roles, personal safety, public health and health promotion, as well as examining some contemporary issues such as carers, spirituality and eHealth. It is brought to life by the inclusion of case studies and examples from all branches of community nursing to illustrate the practical application of theory.

Published by Hodder Education