Collect your gown from the Beach Leisure Centre. Enter the venue when the doors open, two hours before the beginning of the ceremonies.

On arrival guests should enter by the main Beach Ballroom entrance and will be shown to their seats. 

Students can collect their gowns and arrange photography two hours prior to the start of the ceremony at the Beach Leisure Centre, adjacent to the Beach Ballroom.  Students can register their attendance one hour to the start of the ceremony at the Star Ballroom entrance of the Beach Ballroom.

What to expect during the ceremony

  • University Staff will indicate when to leave your seat with your fellow students
  • Your hood should already be on
  • University Staff will indicate to you when to move towards the left of the stage and will direct you onto the stage at the appropriate time 
  • Your name will be called by the presenter
  • Cross the stage as directed
  • Stand in front of the Chancellor/Vice Chancellor who will confer the award 
  • If you are being presented with a degree then you will be capped. The Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor will use his own cap to confer the degree 
  • Face the audience with your back to the stage 
  • Continue across the stage and collect your scroll 
  • Leave by the steps stage right and return to your seat

Your Arrival at the Beach Ballroom

Find out about where to go on arrival on graduation day.

Beach Ballroom Doors and Access


Students should register via the Beach Ballroom ‘Star Ballroom’ entrance to the right of the main entrance. Doors open one hour before the ceremony starts. Student gown collection and photography is located in the Sports Hall, Beach Leisure Centre, adjacent to the Beach Ballroom. Doors open two hours before the ceremony starts.


Guests are to enter via the Beach Ballroom front entrance.

All seats are on a first come first serve basis.

Doors open one hours before the ceremony starts, so please arrive early if you want to get a great seat to watch the ceremony.


Guests with cars should leave adequate time to find parking spaces. There is plenty of free parking in the vicinity of the Beach Ballroom.

Accessibility Arrangements

If stairs present a difficulty for you alternative access to the stage can be made if you tell us in advance.

Please note this at your online registration, along with any other concerns you may have about the ceremony, and the Student Administration staff will contact you. You should note at the same time if the venue presents any potential difficulties for any of your guests.

Notes for Guests

Guests are asked to keep mobile phones switched off. Please be aware of other guests when taking photos. No food or drink can be consumed during the ceremony.

If guests do not present a ticket at the front door, they may not be admitted. Any spare seats will be allocated on the day and will depend on overall attendance numbers.


Children are welcome, but it is worth noting that the ceremony lasts for approximately 90 minutes. We suggest that guests with young children arrive in good time to secure seats near an exit in case they become restless.

Parents with young children will be asked to leave prams and buggies in storage areas as directed by staff. This is to prevent the blocking of fire routes.

If the child is under two then they can sit on a guest's knee. Children over that age will require a ticket due to fire regulations.


Please avoid bringing any large bags or pieces of luggage to the ceremony. This is to prevent the blocking of fire routes or tripping in the aisles.

Graduation Certificate

You will be given your graduation certificate at Student Check-in. Your certificate will be in a polythene pocket. This is a precautionary measure to prevent the certificate being damaged.

During the ceremony you will be presented with an embossed scroll holder in which you can store your certificate for posterity. The certificate includes gold embossing and is printed on high quality archival parchment paper.

Don’t be a victim of degree fraud.

  • Posting a selfie of your degree certificate provides fake certificate websites access to current certificates to copy.
  • Your certificate should be treated as personal and private documents like passports, birth certificates or bank details.

Don’t purchase a fake certificate

  • If you lose your certificate do not attempt to recreate it or purchase one from a replacement certificate website. 
  • Contact RGU Student Records who will be able to provide you with an authentic RGU certificate