The Winter 2014 graduation ceremonies will take place at The Music Hall in Aberdeen.

  1. 08, December, 2014 Winter Graduation Ceremonies - Aberdeen Business School (2:30pm)

    Tom Main Graduation 2014

    Ceremony for the Departments of Accounting & Finance, Information Management, Management, Law, Communication & Media, Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Scottish Centre of Tourism (SCoT).  

  2. 09, December, 2014 Winter Graduation Ceremonies - Health and Social Care (10:30am)

    Vicky Keogh

    Ceremony for the School of Health Sciences, School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, School of Applied Social Studies, DELTA, CORE and the Aberdeen Centre for Trauma Research.  

  3. 09, December, 2014 Winter Graduation Ceremonies - Design and Technology (2:30pm)

    Lauren Jenkins graduation 2014

    Ceremony for the Gray’s School of Art and Scott Sutherland School, School of Computing Science and Digital Media and the School of Engineering  

Winter 2014 ceremonies

  • Monday 8 December 2.30pm – Aberdeen Business School
  • Tuesday 9 December 10.30am – Faculty of Health & Social Care
  • Tuesday 9 December 2.30pm – Faculty of Design & Technology

Summer 2015 Ceremonies

Ceremonies will take place Tuesday 14 - Friday 17 July 2015