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Online Law Degree

1. Overview

Our online law degree is designed for those wanting to obtain an LLB but are unable to attend an on-campus course. It is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland.

The course has been developed around the Foundation Programme requirements of the Law Society and offers a flexible learning route for graduates (or equivalent) to obtain a professional Bachelor's degree qualification in an important and well-respected discipline and is designed to provide:

  • Key knowledge across all the main areas of Scots Law, including commercial law, property law, criminal law, family law, public law and other important areas.
  • Key skills which include research and analytical skills, along with teamworking, presentation and writing skills.

Our courses are ranked within the top Universities by the Complete University Guide and The Guardian University Tables.

LLB degrees can be used for entry or advancement into the legal profession or other areas such as energy, government or journalism sectors. This online course is available on a part-time basis (with standard and accelerated options) and is available on a full-time basis from 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2. What you will study

There are 16 subject modules for the Online LLB course. Modules are the same for each mode, and the delivery times of these will depend on whether you choose to study part-time (standard), part-time (accelerated) or full-time. Subjects studied on this course are:

Modules and delivery order may change for operational purposes.

The University regularly reviews its courses. Course content and structure may change over time. See our course disclaimer for more information.

3. How you will learn

Distance Learning
Our supported distance learning mode of delivery allows you to study online from any location and is designed to fit in around your work commitments. You will be taught and supported by experienced industry professionals who will recreate the same challenging interactive format of the on-campus courses for those studying at a distance.

Our virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle offers students flexibility of where and when they can study, offering full and open access to tutors and other class members. Students have the benefit of being part of a group of learners with the invaluable opportunity to participate in active, group-related learning within a supportive online community setting. As online learners, students are part of a 'virtual cohort' and the communication and interaction amongst members of the cohort is a significant aspect of the learning process.

The online campus provides students with lectures and course materials and it also includes:

  • Virtual tutorials
  • Live chat
  • Discussion forums - student and tutor led
  • Up-to-date web technology for delivery methods
  • User friendly material
  • Access to our online library

The course affords flexibility and can be studied over 2, 3 or 4 years allowing students to accelerate or reduce their learning period depending on their commitments. As an online course, delivered through Campus Moodle, it can be taken without attending on-campus. However the student should attend an induction session at the start of the course (there are extenuating circumstances for not attending, such as distance or cost).

Each year we will offer a number of free, optional on-campus sessions in which all Online LLB students will be encouraged to attend and participate in. The length of the sessions will vary according to the mode of learning:

  • Part-time students: 1 day per semester (two days per academic year)
  • Accelerated Part-time students: 1.5 days per semester (three days per academic year)
  • Full-time students: 2 days per semester (four days per academic year)

During these sessions, tutors from the modules for that semester will undertake problem-solving sessions where students will analyse scenarios and undertake activities designed to enhance their understanding of the module material.


All of the modules taught on the Online LLB are assessed on the basis of the participation of the individual student and on formal assessments. These assessment methods reflect those which on-campus students also undertake for the modules. The Participation Assessment refers to a minimum activity and tutorial engagement level. The Formal Assessment structure for each module varies and there are two main models:

  • Model 1 involves a written coursework plus an examination
  • Model 2 involves a piece of written coursework, an examination and an oral presentation

Examinations: These may be taken at RGU or at another location, close to where the student resides, such as another University or a British Council office. They are generally closed-book examinations. The Department of law is experienced in the use of off-site examinations for hundreds of students around the world and the examinations office will assist with guidance on how to locate and book an examination venue local to the student. Significant advance notice of the dates and times of examinations is provided.

Written Coursework: Completed during the course of the semester and usually involve a problem solving exercise(s).

Oral Presentation: Where an oral presentation element in the assessment of a module exists, students will be given a presentation slot. They will be expected to log on and, via a webcam*, will be required to deliver a live presentation on a particular topic within the module subject matter.

* In order to participate in the course students need to have access to a webcam

4. Entry requirements

The Online LLB is designed as a graduate entry qualification. Applicants will be expected to have a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline such as law, business, management, history, modern studies, journalism or other similar subject.

Applicants who do not have a degree in a relevant discipline may still obtain entry under one of the following criteria:

Has a Bachelor's degree in a non-relevant discipline AND can present a reasoned case for wishing to embark on a law degree;


Does not have a Bachelor's degree BUT the applicant can demonstrate that he/she has the intellectual ability required to undertake an LLB degree. This will usually be evidenced by a mixture of non-degree level qualifications combined with relevant industry/practice work experience.

The Course Leader has the sole discretion to accept or refuse any application for entry to the course and must be satisfied that each applicant will be able to devote sufficient time to the course and of successfully completing the course.

5. Course Fees

For Academic Year 2016/2017

All Students

Distance Learning Full-time

  • £5,630 per year (course over 2 years)

Distance Learning Part-time

  • £2,800 per year (course over 4 years)
  • £3,760 per year accelerated part-time (course over 3 years)

For Academic Year 2015/2016

All Students

Distance Learning Full-time

  • £5,420 per year (course over 2 years)

Distance Learning Part-time

  • £2,710 per year (course over 4 years)
  • £3,620 per year accelerated part-time (course over 3 years)

For Academic Year 2014/2015

All Students

Distance Learning Full-time

  • £5,250 per year (course over 2 years)

Distance Learning Part-time

  • £2,625 per year (course over 4 years)
  • £3,500 per year accelerated part-time (course over 3 years)

For Academic Year 2013/2014

All Students


  • £5,100 per year (course over 2 years)


  • £2,550 per year (course over 4 years)
  • £3,400 per year accelerated part-time (course over 3 years)

For Academic Year 2012/2013

All Students


  • £4,920 per year (course over 2 years)


  • £2,460 per year (course over 4 years)
  • £3,280 per year accelerated part-time (course over 3 years)

For Academic Year 2011/2012

All Students

  • £2,400 year part time

All course fees are reviewed annually and subject to change. Published fees apply to the course's mode of delivery. You will also be liable to pay a graduation fee of £40 before receiving a University award.

For further information see Student Finance pages


6. How to apply

The course is NOW OPEN for applications. These should be made via the university's Apply Online.  Applications will be judged purely on merit and decisions will be taken following the application deadline. Places on the course are limited. 

Contact for Enquiries

If you have any other questions about the course, please contact the Online LLB Course Leader,

Val Bremner
Tel: +44 (0)1224 263920

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Course length

Online Part-time (3-4 years); Online Full-time (2 years)

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The Law School Aberdeen Business School
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Law Society of Scotland

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