Robert Gordon University is a licensed Tier 4 sponsor under the UK Points Based System for migration.

This means that we are able to welcome international students from all over the world to study on our campus.

The Student Immigration Team at the Robert Gordon University specialises in student immigration to the UK, and we can help you throughout the process. If you are well prepared you should find the application process straightforward and relatively quick.

Here you will find categories which should help you easily identify what kind of documents you need in relation to how you are planning to pay your fees and provide the evidence to the Home Office with your visa application. 

Self Financing Student

srcImageTeaserSelf Financing Student

A self financing student is someone who plans to pay their course fees and living costs from their own monies.

Parents or Guardian Sponsorship

srcImageTeaserParents or Guardian Sponsorship

If you wish to use your parent/legal guardians financial documents you must also include additional evidence.

Family Member or Friend Sponsorship

srcImageTeaserFamily Member or Friend Sponsorship

Guidance on who can financially support you and whose documents you can show as evidence.

Government Sponsorship

srcImageTeaserGovernment Sponsorship

The UKVI provide a defined list of who can be considered an official financial sponsor and support your studies.

Company Sponsorship

srcImageTeaserCompany Sponsorship

An International Company can sponsor you but you must check that they meet the UKVI sponsorship requirements.

Personal Bank Loan Funded

srcImageTeaserPersonal Bank Loan Funded

A loan from another source, such as a personal bank loan will not meet UKVI Tier 4 financial requirements.

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