The ERASMUS Intensive Language Courses (EILCs) are specialised courses in the less widely used and less taught languages organised in the countries where these languages are used as teaching languages at higher education institutions.

The languages English, German, French and Spanish (Castilian) are not eligible for EILC activity.

EILCs give ERASMUS students visiting these countries for studies and placements the opportunity to study the language concerned for two to six weeks (with a minimum of 60 teaching hours in total, and at least 15 teaching hours a week) with the aim of being prepared for the ERASMUS mobility period abroad.


The EILCs take place in the following countries for the eligible languages in brackets: Belgium (Dutch), Bulgaria (Bulgarian), Croatia (Croatian), Cyprus (Greek), Czech Republic (Czech), Denmark (Danish), Estonia (Estonian), Finland (Finnish and Swedish), Greece (Greek), Hungary (Hungarian), Iceland (Icelandic), Italy (Italian), Latvia (Latvian), Lithuania (Lithuanian), Malta (Maltese), the Netherlands (Dutch), Norway (Norwegian), Poland (Polish), Portugal (Portuguese), Romania (Romanian), Slovakia (Slovak), Slovenia (Slovenian), Spain (Catalan , Valencian, Basque and Galician), Sweden (Swedish), Switzerland (Italian) and Turkey (Turkish).

Who can participate?

The EILCs are open to students who have been selected for an Erasmus study/placement period in the Erasmus programme in the academic year 2013/14 in one of the European countries listed above. 


Applications must be:

  • completed electronically
  • submitted by email by the student to the Robert Gordon University International Office (, no later than 5pm on Wednesday 22 May 2013


The EILCs take place during summer/autumn 2013 and winter/spring 2014. Some countries (see may not offer winter courses. Courses vary in length according to country and the student’s level of language knowledge, the maximum duration is 6 weeks with a minimum of 60 teaching hours. The actual dates, places and levels of the courses are available on this website.

How much?

Participating students do not have to pay any kind of tuition fee. The National Agency/home institution may award a supplementary Erasmus grant for the duration of the course. In return, students will be asked to contribute to the evaluation of the courses.

Further information?

EILC organising institution or the European Commission's website.