Funding is a key consideration when thinking about university. Find answers to your questions on finance and learn more about available scholarships.

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UK Students

Finance details for UK Students

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EU Students

Finance details for Students from EU countries

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International Students

Finance details for Students from International countries

How to Pay

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Payment options can be confusing. Find if you are liable to pay your university fees and how to pay.


PJ Barron Sport Scholar

Our full range of scholarships available to current and future students.

Contact Details - Student Finance

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Phone numbers, email addresses and website for financial support questions and enquiries.

  • 2017-18 Fees


    Fees for 2017-18 are available on individual course pages

  • Student Accommodation

    Round tower accommodation

    All you need to know about student accommodation

  • Student Life

    Student Life

    University should be a stimulating and fun experience as well as helping you get on in life.