Robert Gordon University is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all.

The University promotes an equal and accessible learning environment, regardless of disability.

We have designed the University's website to be as accessible as possible. You can adjust the site in a number of ways to fit your needs.

Change how the site looks

To make the University website easier to read and navigate, you can change display settings such as:

  • Text size
  • Colour and contrast
  • Screen magnification
  • Style sheets

The BBC’s website “My Web My Way” provides lots of help on changing settings to suit your needs.

My Web My Way - accessibility features of browsers and operating systems

Standards compliance

The website is built using XHTML and CSS, according to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.

To get the most from our website, the following should be in place on your machine:

  • Internet Explorer v 6 or above or Mozilla Firefox
  • Javascript should be enabled
  • Flash v 9
  • Adobe Reader 8 

The website will work without the software or settings mentioned but some features may not display correctly.

University Student Services

The Service has an Enabling Technology Adviser, who provides training in the use of enabling technologies such as digital recording equipment and TextHELP Read and Write Gold software. If you require specific software to support your studies, please contact the Enabling Technology Adviser on 01224 262103 or email


Of course, we're not perfect, and there may be cases where the author of an individual page has inadvertently included content that causes a problem for some users. We constantly check the site to make it as usable as possible and make further improvements and enhancements to our accessibility features.

Please let us know of any problems you may have encountered, or of any features that you have found particularly useful. You can contact us at