Nirmalie Wiratunga
Title: Dr
First Name: Nirmalie
Surname: Wiratunga
Position: Reader
Telephone: 01224 262573

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Research and Teaching

Research Interests / Professional Background

Nirmalie's research interests are in knowledge discovery for Case-based Reasoning (CBR) Systems. She is currently interested in knowledge acquisition for Textual CBR systems. Work in this area is focused on textual feature selection and extraction applied to incident reporting tasks, email tasks and sentiment analysis. Discovery of similarity knowledge for Textual case retrieval is a further area of interest and has resulted in the development of a Propositional Semantic Indexing (PSI) scheme. Also interested in combined approaches to similarity knowledge discovery (e.g. using Latent Semantic Indexing, association rules, Web resources including WordNet) for supervised and unsupervised textual retrieval, reuse and revision tasks.

Application domains include health & safety reporting, satellite anomaly detection, air crash investigation reporting, email workflow management, weather forecasting, electronic patient records, sentiment analysis from Blogs and tag recommendation for web applications. Collaborators include ESA, AxSys Technology Ltd, Aberdeen University, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Dundee University.

Externally, Nirmalie is a member of the programme committees of ECCBR, ICCBR, ECML/PKDD, FLAIRS; BCS-SGAI committee member and Expert Update editor. She also co-chaired the ICCBR-2011.

Additional Information / Media work / Funding

  • Email Work Flow Management for the Ageing Population: NRP studentship'08 with Dundee University
  • Knowledge Acquisition for Textual CBR: UKIERI'07 with the Indian Institute of Technology - Chennai.
  • Remote patient health care monitoring: KTP'07 with AxSys Technology Limited - Glasgow.
  • Textual Revision applications in NLG and TCBR: NRP studentship'07 with Aberdeen University

Professional Body Membership

•    BCS Specialist Group on AI

Key Publications

For detailed lists please see Nirmalie's Google Scholar profile and DBLP bibliography server

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Accepted for publication

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