Karen Strickland
First Name: Karen
Surname: Strickland
Position: Associate Head of School
Telephone: +44(0)1224 262980

Karen is the Associate Head of School for Nursing and Midwifery.

Karen’s main research interests lie in the areas of chronic conditions, cancer and palliative care. She has recently completed her PhD with a body of work entitled, “A phenomenological exploration of the biographical impact of newly diagnosed MS on the individual and their support person.”

Karen is also passionate about evaluation of learning and teaching and has completed a number of studies mainly focused on technology enhanced learning.

Teaching interests

  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Research Methods/Methodology
  • Palliative Care
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Academic Writing

Key funding from external sources

  • QAA Enhancement theme tender
  • CIHR Cochrane reviews
  • Florence Nightingale Scholarship

Any external roles

  • External Examiner for University of Bedfordshire and Salford University
  • Member of editorial board for Educational Developments
  • Member of RCN International Scientific Advisory Panel (2012 & 13)
  • Member of European Conference on eLearning International Scientific Advisory Panel (2012 & 13)
  • Grant panel reviewer for the Higher Education Academy Teaching Development Grants.
  • Reviewer for various peer academic journals
  • Founding editor of the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice
  • Steering group adviser for HEA funded project at Huddersfield University – Students as Teaching and Learning Consultants


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Poster presentations:

Strickland, K., 2012. Structuring online assessment to support progression in professional practice. eAssessment Scotland, University of Dundee.

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