Alex Russell
Title: Professor
First Name: Alex
Surname: Russell
Position: Head of Department of Management
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263489

Duties and Responsibilities

Professor Russell is the Head of Department of Management and Professor of Petroleum Accounting at Aberdeen Business School.

Professor Alex Russell has held top managerial positions in UK universities for the past 15 years. He has published many papers on oil and gas accounting issues and supervised many international PhD students. . He has advised oil companies on how to defend themselves from unwanted takeovers. He has also delivered a course on oil and gas accounting to China’s national oil company.

Research Interests

Professor Russell’s research interests have taken him around the world, working with institutions as far away as Kuwait, Nigeria, Australia and China. He cites international recruitment as an increasingly important function for the university and his world-wide research contacts helps with that recruitment. In the past two years five of his PhD students successfully passed their PhD viva.


“In Scotland, we have real expertise on oil, with world class-academics such as Alex Kemp, of Aberdeen University, and Alex Russell and Peter Strachan, of Robert Gordon University” (former First Minister of Scotland, Press & Journal 16 March 2015)


Professor Russell’s research has been featured by various media outlets including the BBC, Radio France International, Catalonian Television, Turkish Television, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Netherland’s Financial Times, Scotsman, the Herald and frequent commentary on Radio North Sound.

External / Professional Roles

For the past five years Professor Russell has held the position of Chair of the UK’s Oil Industry Finance Association which sets accounting standards that are designed to help UK oil companies to be more efficient and effective in exploiting the resources of the North Sea. He is currently leading a work group on setting an accounting standard on decommissioning. He has had extensive media coverage (international television, radio and press) in relation to the future prospects for the oil industry given the decline in oil price. Professor Russell is a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) Education Advisory Board.


MANAF, N.A.M., MAS’UD, A., ISHAK, Z., SAAD, N. and RUSSELL, A., 2016. Towards establishing a scale for assessing the attractiveness of petroleum fiscal regimes – evidence from Malaysia. Energy Policy, 88, pp.253-261. 

Media Coverage

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RGU Energy Law and Policy Conference - Energy Sector Review and Reform – 23-24 March 2015

Professor Strachan and Professor Russell presented a paper ‘Reflections on the Aberdeen Oil Summit and Where Next for North Sea Oil?’.