Alan Owen Profile Picture
Title: Dr
First Name: Alan
Surname: Owen
Position: Director of CUSP
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 262360

PhD, PgCert, BEng (Hons 1st class), CEng, CEE


Alan is a practical, time-served engineer working in renewable energy technology since the 1980’s. He graduated from RGU as a mature student in 2002 and completed his marine energy related PhD in 2007. He has provided consultancy services to the BBC, marine energy developers, both large and small, teaches marine energy engineering and supervises PhD students. He has experience in small agriculture and building processes and has interests in appropriate technology, environmental impact of human activity, and sustainable societies.

He has worked in Indonesia since 2011 and is currently working with the Indonesian Government, NGO’s and Universities to support development of Indonesia’s marine energy resources for the benefit of Indonesia’s people. He has also worked with stakeholders in Maldives, Togo, UK and Nigeria.


BBC Great Big Energy Saving Challenge

Kunjungan Centre for Understanding Sustainable Practice 

Ocean Energy Centre of Excellence for Indonesia

 e-harbours project

Areas of Expertise

  • Marine Energy
  • Sustainable energy & appropriate technology implementation
  • Environmental impact and risk management
  • Small community energy use
  • Energy policy and strategy

Portfolio of Projects

Consultancy work – BBC, Rotech, East Coast Oil and Gas, Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeen City Council, etc
Research - DFID, British Council, UNDP, Northern Research Partnership, Government of Maldives, Govt of Indonesia, Scottish Govt. European Commission,


Alan is course leader for MSc Offshore Renewables, course creator of MSc Energy and Sustainability (both within RGU) and teaches on UG engineering design and build projects and modules. He is first supervisor for a number of RGU PhD students, has successfully supervised 6 PhD students to completion, and has co-supervised PhD students with Aberdeen University. He has acted as external examiner for other PhD students and is an External Examiner for Queens University, Belfast.


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