Robert Newton
Title: Professor
First Name: Robert
Surname: Newton
Position: Associate Dean
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263907

Duties and Responsibilities

Robert Newton is a Professor in Information Management and a Teaching Fellow of the University. Having previous experience as a course manager, programme manager and Associate Head at the Business School, he is now Associate Dean of Postgraduate Programmes. He has a background in working in academic libraries and also worked for some time as a systems analyst.

Research Interests

Professor Newton's research interests have in the past centred around the use of new technology in the effective delivery of information and education. In particular he has researched the evaluation of multimedia systems in delivering the curriculum in higher education and has been involved in a number of projects which contribute to a better understanding of both the pedagogical basis for implementing new technology into the curriculum in Higher Education and which have also promoted and facilitated use of such technologies. (In particular the NetLearn and ReMOTE web portal developments which deal respectively with accessing internet based teaching resources and Internet based resources for delivering Research Methods Instruction).

Current research interests are based around the potential for academic librarians to play a key role in the delivery of information skills – particularly with respect to the support and interaction they provide when dealing with distance learners and other off campus students. His interests also encompass the information seeking behaviour of users – particularly when using technology and the impact of cognitive and learning styles on how users approach searching and using information.

Main teaching areas (which have a synergy with research interests) have centred around Information Retrieval, Multimedia learning technologies, and Knowledge Organization.

He is a member of the AHRB peer review college and an associate editor for the journal Campus Wide Information.

External / Professional Roles

Professor Newton is a member of the AHRB peer review college and an associate editor for the journal Campus Wide Information.


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