Prof. Ian Murray
Title: Professor
First Name: Ian
Surname: Murray
Position: Head of School
Telephone: +44(0)1224 262981

Professor Ian Murray has been the Head of School for Nursing and Midwifery at RGU since May 2013. He is an entrepreneurial senior academic with comprehensive experience gathered over a career spanning over 25 years. He has a robust track record of innovation and leadership with extensive experience of negotiating on behalf of universities, working within regulatory systems and international liaison with governments and higher education agencies. His core skills include management and leadership combined with excellent presentation, interpersonal and communication skills. He has led a number of innovative programmes supporting the development of education provision within the Middle East and North Africa region.

Professor Murray is also Deputy Chair of Council of Deans Scotland and the Scottish representative on the Council of Deans of Health UK executive. He played a key role in the evaluation of the introduction of extended nurse prescribing in Scotland.

Research/Scholarship interests

  • Organisational change
  • Staff development
  • Mental health
  • Student learning
  • Health/Social policy.

External Roles

  • Deputy Chair, Council of Deans Scotland
  • Scottish representative on the Council of Deans of Health UK executive team

Key partner/network projects

  • Led curriculum development and education infrastructure projects with the Libyan Ministry of health: 2014-2016.
  • Co-chaired the Postgraduate/CPD working group under the Scottish Government’s Setting the Direction initiative setting out the future of nurse education in Scotland 2014-2015.
  • Member of the Scottish Government School Nursing Steering Group 2015/2016.
  • Organised and chaired a Family Health Nursing symposium (invited speaker). The first Congress of the Italian Family Nurses Association, Turin, May 2013.
  • Failure to Rescue: An immersive virtual reality computer based education programme. The 2nd International Nursing Conference, The University of Cairo. March 2013.
  • The WHO Family Nursing Project. Update 2011-2013. The 10th International Family Nursing Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 2011.
  • The evaluation of the FHN education programme in Scotland 2001-2006(invited speaker). Seminar: The evolution of primary care: national and international experiences compared. Universita 'Degli Studi Di Torino Italy, 2011.
  • Stirling University Clinical Academic Fellowship Scheme. NES Consensus Conference, Glasgow, 2010.
  • Web-based technologies to support the delivery of educational programmes within remote and rural settings in Scotland (keynote speaker). University of Cairo, 1st Annual International Conference: Nursing in the new millennium: challenges and opportunities. Cairo, Egypt, 2008.
  • Family Health Promotion: Evidence Based Practice (invited plenary speaker). The 8th International Family Nursing Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 2007.
  • Family Health Nursing in Scotland. GCU/WHO Resourcing Global Health Conference, Glasgow, 2006.
  • Collaboration in the educational development of a new nursing role – Family Health Nursing. International Community Health Nursing Research Conference, Tokyo, Japan, 2005.

Key funding from external sources

Member of the research team that evaluated the expansion of nurse prescribing in Scotland. CSO grant, 2004-2008.

Teaching interests

  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Community/Family Nursing
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Social Policy


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