Trudi McIntosh
First Name: Trudi
Surname: McIntosh
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 262582

Trudi is a lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.

Her research interests are in the area of Pharmacist and other non medical prescribing, their prescribing decision-making and the use of multi-compartment compliance aids.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice.
  • Module leader, Pharmacist Independent Prescribing.
  • School Lead, non-medical prescribing.
  • Member of the Postgraduate Course Management Team.
  • PhD student (part time).

Academic Background

  • BSc (2.1 Hons) Pharmacy.
  • MSc (Distinction) Prescribing Sciences.
  • PG Cert (Distinction) Higher Education Learning and Teaching.

Research Interests

  • Pharmacist and other non medical prescribing, and particularly their prescribing decision-making.
  • The use of multi-compartment compliance aids.

Professional Memberships

  • Registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.
  • Founder member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society Local Pharmacy Forum joint research lead.
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


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Ms McIntosh is the School Lead for pharmacist and other non-medical prescribing. She teaches in various areas of pharmacy practice including public health for pharmacists and contributes to post-graduate teaching. She also supervises undergraduate and post-graduate research.

Ms McIntosh has extensive experience in community pharmacy,maintaining this by doing occasional locum work.