Richard Laing Profile 2
Title: Professor
First Name: Richard
Surname: Laing
Position: Professor of Built Environment Visualisation
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263716

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Research Coordinator in Architecture and Built Environment

Academic Background

Research Coordinator and senior member of the IDEAS Research Institute.

Since 1999 Prof Laing has led a number of research commissions, including 'Streetscapes' (Scottish Enterprise), 'Greenspace' (ECFP5, Scottish lead) and 'Urban Connections (Aberdeen City Growth). These projects provided techniques for assessing human responses to virtual built environments. In addition, he has recently led research and development projects for the Department of Health and the ESF, as well as participating as a co-investigator on work supported by the ESRC.

Prof Laing has extensive experience of research concerning holistic value assessment in the built environment, including studies on design evaluation, the use of computer games technology in design, building conservation and innovative housing. His research concerning design evaluation has made a significant and innovative use of 3D virtual models to present various designs and environmental scenarios. The research has produced over 50 outputs, including work in international journals and at conference.

Recent papers have appeared in leading journals including Environment and Planning B, Design Studies and the Journal of Building Appraisal.

Prof. Laing regularly peer reviews articles for journals and conferences, including Land Use Studies, Automation in Construction, Environment and Planning B, Interacting with Computers, the RICS research paper series, and the BuiltViz (co-chair), Electronic and Visual Arts (EVA London), Information Visualisation and ASCAAD conferences. In addition he has acted as a referee for the EPSRC.

Research Interests

  • Built environment visualisation
  • Built heritage conservation
  • Sustainable urban design
  • Building Information Modelling


  • Joint PI (with Professor David Gray), CARE-North, with funding as part of a consortium through Interreg IVB/ERDF.
  • PI, R&D Catalyst Award: Doocots of Aberdeenshire, with funding through and RGU administered SEEKIT grant.
  • Co-investigator, Understanding future environments, with funding from the ESRC.
  • PI, Urban Connections, with funding from Aberdeen City Council (City Growth Fund).
  • RGU PI, Greenspace EC 5th Framework Project.
  • PI, Selection of Hospital Finishes, with funding from the Department of Health.
  • Various projects with the Masonry Conservation Research Group
  • PI, Streetscapes, with funding from Scottish Enterprise. The Robert Gordon University and The Macauley Land Use Research Institute (MLURI).
  • Research Fellow, EPSRC/DETR "LINK" project titled, "Overcoming client and market resistance to pre-fabrication and standardisation in housing"

Professional Body Membership


Key Publications

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