Andrew Jones
First Name: Andrew
Surname: Jones
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263915

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Role and Responsibilities
Andrew Jones is a Senior Lecturer in Broadcasting and Journalism. His primary responsibility is for the multi-media degree programme which develops knowledge, practice, skills and experience in the fields of media, journalism and broadcasting. He supports the Creative Industries Strategy and is involved in a wide range of new initiatives across the university.

He is the Programme Leader for the MSc in Journalism considered to be one of the most innovative and exciting programmes in the UK. This is a real opportunity for the university to equip a new generation of journalists with the multi-media skills needed to survive in today's highly competitive digital environment.

Background Experience
Prior to joining the university in 2004, Andrew worked at the BBC for 22 years in wide variety of editorial roles, most recently as the Senior Manager responsible for both local and network output from centres across the North of Scotland. He has an MBA from the University of Bradford.