Margaret Downie
First Name: Margaret
Surname: Downie
Position: Senior Lecturer
Telephone: +44(0)1224 263944

Duties and Responsibilities

Margaret Downie is a Senior Lecturer and Director for Resources Law School.  She was a solicitor in Aberdeen and Glasgow for over 15 years and has a wide range of experience of private practice, in particular in the employment area, tribunal work and civil litigation.  She continues to do consultancy work

Research Interests

Margaret's main areas of interest are Employment Law and Access to Justice.

PhD Supervision
She is happy to supervise dissertations in the areas of Employment Law (including Equality and Collective Employment Law) and Access to Justice (including ADR and tribunals). Margaret is currently principal supervisor for research student, Jassim Al-Obaidli.

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Socio Legal Studies Association
  • Member of the Society of Legal Scholars
  • Member of the Scottish Mediation Network


Middlemiss, S. and Downie M. Employment Law in Scotland Bloomsbury Professional (London) 2012

Professional Articles
Potential Challenges to the 2 year qualifying period (Perception v Hard Facts)’ Greens Employment Law Bulletin, April 2012

Refereed Articles
Statutory Intervention into Flexible Working Hours: the Flexible Friend or Foe? International Journal of Discrimination and the Law 2010 Volume 10(4).

With Middlemiss, S. 'Recent Changes in the Evidential Requirements in Indirect and Direct Sex and Race Discrimination Cases'. International Journal of Law and Management, Vol 151 No.6 2009.

Non-Refereed Articles
With Alramahi, M, "The Downside of Commercial Contracts", Aberdeen Business School Journal, 2008, pp.10-13.

Conference Papers
The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, September 2009, "Writers of Influence".