Anne Douglas
Title: Professor
First Name: Anne
Surname: Douglas
Position: Research Co-ordinator and Research Degrees Co-ordinator, Grays School of Art
Telephone: 01224 263647

Research Interests

Douglas’ artistic research re-examines the role of the professional artist as a catalyst for social change, including environmental and economic.

A key feature of Douglas’ research practice is that it is anchored in the knowledge and skills of arts practice (a practice-led approach), with a particular focus on radical practices and pedagogies within broader social, environmental and economic concerns. This informs the social and cultural from within creative practice and experience, in ways that do not polarize, but work across the personal and the collective. A key question and challenge within this approach is the role, function and form of generative methodologies, including the role of the artist as leader.

Since 2001 she has also been the founding Director of ‘On the Edge Research’, a programme of art-research that focuses a range of investigations on ‘developing the role of the artist in society’ (

Current & Recent Projects

2013  CoI AHRC Block Grant Studentship application (lead: University of Edinburgh with RGU, Dundee University, Glasgow School of Art, Royal Conservatoire, Glasgow) (pending)

2013  Macgeorge Fellow, University of Melbourne for February/March 2014

2013-18  Research Associate, Learning from the Inside ERC, (5 million Euro, 30k to RGU)

2012-13  CoI Time of the Clock, Time of Encounter AHRC Connected Communities Pilot Demonstrator Project (PI Johan Siebers, University of Central Lancashire, with Edinburgh College of Art and Manchester University, Overall budget 99K, RGU 30K)

2011  AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award, Connected Communities strand £52,300 + over 3 years

2010  Carnegie Scotland Travel award to Orpheus Institute, Ghent £1,700

2008  The Artist as Leader Lab consultancy 6.5k

2006-7  Scottish Arts Council (SAC) 42.95k to support Working in Public Seminar series with Suzanne Lacy

2006  Artist as Leader AHRC Networking Grant (Creativity) 21.1k, Jerwood and SAC for Artist as Leader Lab 6k; Henry Moore Fellowship to support the artist, Suzanne Lacy 12k;Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital (RACH ) Evaluation of Arts programme (2006-9) £10,000

2005  AHRC Dissemination Grant 4.7k

2001-4  AHRB Research Grant, 307k for On the Edge, attracting further funding approx 35k from Scottish Arts Council Lottery Access and Participation Scheme and Shell Expro Social Inclusion Fund. 

PhD Completions

Imperfect Art: Working in Public, A case study of the Oakland Projects 1991-2001
Suzanne Lacy - July 2013

The practice of art as a form of relational knowledge
Chu Chu Yuan - June 2013

Talking Tree; Won't you take a minute and listen to the plight of nature?
Reiko Goto - 2012

The Role of Evaluation in Socially-Engaged Public Art
Sophie Hope - 2011 (2nd supervisor)

Interactive art in public space: a case study using Taipei MRT stations
Juin Jer Her - 2011 (2nd supervisor)

Drawing as coming to know: how is it that I know I made sense of what I do?
Patricia Cain - 2008 (2nd supervisor)

Away from end product or genre: A protocol as artistic language
Stefanie Bourne - 2006

Close as a construct to critically investigate the relationship between the visual artist and the everyday
Heather Delday - 2006 (Principal)

The development of strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration from within the visual arts
Karen Scopa - 2003

A methodology for Fine Art Formulation applied to investment casting moulds
Rashdi Ibrahim - 2003 (2nd supervisor)

External Roles

  • AHRC Peer Review College (since 2009)
  • Senior Research Associate Orpheus Institute of Research in Music, Gent
  • Board of Directors Woodend Arts Limited, Aberdeenshire
  • Research Associate, Learning from the Inside European Research Council Advanced Grant (ERC), PI Professor Tim Ingold, Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen (2013-18)

External Links

Selected publications

Accepted for publication:

  • Douglas, Anne & Kathleen Coessens. Movement and Moment: in-between discreteness and continuity in The Somatechnics of Movement special issue of Somatechnics. Vol 4.1 2014 Forthcoming
  • Douglas, Anne. Between breathing in and breathing out: the interval in co-creation Collected papers on Co-Creation in Musical Practice. Ed. William Brooks & Catherine Laws. Leuven: University of Leuven Press 2014.Forthcoming.
  • Douglas, Anne. Mobility of body and mind: a principle of artistic experimentation. Ed Darla Crispin, & Robert Gilmore, Sourcebook of Experimentation in Music, Orpheus Institute, University of Leuven Press 2014. Forthcoming.
  • Douglas, Anne .& Kathleen Coessens. Improvisation and Experimentation in Everyday Life and Beyond. Ed Darla Crispin, & Robert Gilmore, Sourcebook of Experimentation in Music, Orpheus Institute, University of Leuven Press 2014. Forthcoming.


Books and book chapters

  1. Douglas, Anne. Drawing and the Score in Sound and Score. Ed. Kathleen Coessens, and Paulo De Assis. Leuven: University of Leuven Press, 2013.
  2. Coessens, Kathleen & Anne Douglas, Calendar Variations Banchory: Woodend Barn Publishing 2011 ISBN 978-0-955-1397-5-8
  3. Coessens, Kathleen, Darla Crispin & Anne Douglas The Artistic Turn: A Manifesto.Leuven: University of Leuven Press, 2009.
  4. Douglas, Anne On the Edge – an exploration of the visual arts in remote rural contexts of Northern Scotland. in Ed. Malcolm Miles. And Tim Hall Interventions: Art in the Public Sphere Advances in Art and Urban Futures Vol. 4 Bristol: Intellect Books ISBN: 1 84150 118 2 2005

Journal articles and research reports

  1. Douglas, Anne & Kathleen Coessens Improvisation and Embodied Knowledge – Three Artistic Projects between Life, Art and Research in (re)thinking improvisation Artistic Explorations and Conceptual Writing Henrik Frisk &Stefan Östertjo (eds), Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, 2013
  2. Douglas, Anne. Altering a Fixed Identity Thinking through Improvisation in ed. Amanda Ravetz, Anne Douglas & Kathleen Coessens. Critical Studies in Improvisation Vol 8, No 2.Montreal, 2013.
  3. Douglas, Anne & Kathleen Coessens Experiential knowledge and improvisation: Variations on movement, motion, Katrin Niederrer and Kerstin Mey eds in Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education. Bristol: Intellect Books. 10.2 (2012): 179-189
  4. Douglas, Anne & Chris Fremantle. The Artist as Leader AHRC funded research Research Report. Aberdeen: Robert Gordon University 2009. ISBN 978-1-901085-98-3

Exhibitions, Seminar and Conference presentations (2010-13)

  • Douglas, Anne & Kathleen Coessens Sounding Drawing exhibition, concert workshops, Woodend Barn, Banchory to launch sound 2012 international festival of contemporary music, Case study in Time of the Clock, Time of Encounter AHRC Pilot Demonstrator Project
  • Coessens, Kathleen, Anne Douglas and Ann Eysermans Explorations of experienced time and movement: the perspective of the musician and the visual artist Orpheus Research Centre in Music Research Festival 2012
  • Douglas, Anne Questioning Certainty invited paper ORCiM Seminar, University of York, May 2012
  • Douglas, Anne Altering a fixed identity: Thinking through Improvisation Association of Social Anthropologists 12 (led Panel on Improvisation with Amanda Ravetz and Kathleen Coessens)
  • Douglas, Anne Calendar Variations exhibition and lecture performance  peer reviewed and selected for Re)thinking Improvisation: International sessions on artistic research in music, Lund University Malmo December 2011
  • Douglas, A., Coessens, C.  and Goto, R.Calendar Variations exhibition and lecture performance for Eco-tone 1 - Object Space Entanglements
  • interdisciplinary workshop, Nottingham Trent University, 27th – 28th June, 2011
  • Douglas, Anne. & Kathleen Coessens, 2011 ‘Movement and moment: in-between discreteness and continuity’ in Bodies in Movement, Intersecting Discourses of Materiality in the Sciences and the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, 28-29 May 2011
  • Douglas Anne, Calendar Variations, University of Ulster School of Art and Design Research Seminar, March 2011
  • Douglas, Anne. Kathleen Coessens & Reiko Goto-Collins Calendar Variations exhibition, Woodend Barn, Banchory , Scotland 1st – 27th April 2011 Exhibition Curator: Anne Douglas
  • Douglas, Anne ‘Mobility of body and mind as an enabling condition of artistic experimentation’. Invited Seminar Paper Embodiment Experiment Seminar, University of York/Orpheus Institute of Research into Music 10 -11 May 2011
  • Douglas Anne & Kathleen Coessens Experiential knowledge and improvisation - variations on movement, motion and emotion conference paper for
  • Experiential Knowledge Special Interest Group, University of the Creative Arts, Surrey in collaboration with Design Research Society 2011
  • Douglas, Anne  & Kathleen Coessens Experiential knowledge and improvisation Orpheus Research Festival  2010 + Calendar Variations exhibition part 1