Dr Ahmed Beloucif
Title: Dr
First Name: Ahmed
Surname: Beloucif
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263828
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Duties and Responsibilities

Dr Beloucif is a lecturer in Marketing and the Course Leader for PgDip/MSc International Business. He has lectured over 20 years on undergraduate and postgraduate level courses and carried out consultancy and training workshops in the UK, Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan British Technical University) and Algeria. Ahmed also has previous experience in teaching marketing to insurance companies.

Research Interests

Ahmed's research interests are in the two areas:
- Corporate Failure
- Financial Scandals
His PhD research was based on "Assessment of Relationship Quality: Auditors-Client Relationships in the UK".


May 2005- March 2006 - Juwah, C, Lal, D and Beloucif, A (2006). Plagiarism: overcoming the cultural issues associated with plagiarism for international students. Project funded by The Higher Education of Academy (UK).

External / Professional Roles

2008 (September-December): A Market Research Project - A student-based project - Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen.

2007 (September-December): A Market Research Project - A student-based project - Remploy, Aberdeen.


Journal Articles

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Refereed Conferences Papers

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