Dahiru Abubakar
First Name: Dahiru
Surname: Abubakar
Position: Research Student
Telephone: 01224 262574

Research Title: Cloud Computing in Sub-Saharan Africa

Start Date: October 2011

Accelerated technological advancement has over the years been the driver for both economic and social development. It has been the main feature in most developed countries. The IT world is currently experiencing a switch from in-house generated computing power into utility-supplied computing resources delivered over the Internet as Web services. Cloud Computing enables an ‘on demand’ delivery of infrastructure, applications, and business processes in a security-rich, shared, scalable, and based computer environment over the Internet for a fee. At the on set, this research will focus on the potential opportunities of cloud-computing to the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, and furthermore, some of the conditions that could foster or preclude its use. This is a particularly opportune time for this research as it is clear that companies are increasingly interested in exploiting the potentials of cloud computing. By providing support for academia and business to work together in this important area, we can position institutions to grow significantly and establish their reputation in this critical technology area.


Cloud Computing: Adoption Issues for Sub-Saharan Africa SMEs, Abubakar, D.A., Bass, J.M.,Allison, I., IFIP 12th International Conference on Social Implication of Computers in Developing Countries, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, May 2013, to appear.


  • Prof. Ian Allison
  • Dr. Julian Bass