Dahiru Abubakar
First Name: Dahiru
Surname: Abubakar
Position: Research Student
Telephone: 01224 262574

Research Title: Cloud Computing in Sub-Saharan Africa

Start Date: October 2011

Accelerated technological advancement has over the years been the driver for both economic and social development. It has been the main feature in most developed countries. The IT world is currently experiencing a switch from in-house generated computing power into utility-supplied computing resources delivered over the Internet as services – a new paradigm known as cloud computing. Cloud computing technology enables an ‘on demand’ delivery of infrastructure, applications, and business processes in a security-rich, shared and scalable computer environment over the Internet for a fee. However, existing research on cloud computing technology, like much of the information systems (IS) and ICT4D literature has largely been focused on the developed countries.

It is clear that enterprises in both the global north (developed) and south (developing) countries are increasingly interested in exploiting the potentials of cloud computing. My research proposes and evaluates a socio-technical framework that maximizes selected development impact factors through which the use of cloud hosted applications in sub-Saharan African countries can be analysed. Findings from this research will be of interest to policy makers and entrepreneurs interested in developing IS/ICT infrastructure especially in sub-Saharan Africa. 


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