Want to find journal articles on a particular topic?

Or looking for legal cases, UK company accounts or market research reports?  Our extensive range of databases cover all of these types of materials. 

How can I login?

RGU students and staff can login by clicking on the name of a database and following the login advice

What if I am not sure of the names of the databases?  Or I want to make a quick start to my research?

Databases by subject

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Help with accessing our EResources


Troubleshooting  e-resource access from home:

• Switch off your pop-up blocker & any in toolbars (eg Google & Yahoo)

• Set your browser to allow cookies.

Troubleshooting for using a PC at work

• If you can alter your own browser settings, try the pop-up blocker & cookie settings as explained for home users. If not, contact your workplace IT technicians for advice.

• If you are unable to access some sites, particularly those with ‘ezproxy’ in the url, secure sites may be blocked from your workplace.  Also, the company firewall may not allow access on the ports required for ezproxy (typically 2443) (You may need to check this with your IT workplace technicians).

If you have tried the above and still cannot log in:

• Please use the Electronic Resources help form below.

If you can log in but cannot get a particular item:

• Check we have a subscription via the Library Catalogue and also that we have access to the required year or issue

• If we should have access to the item, please contact us with details using the Electronic Resources help form below.

Information on access problems for electronic resources is provided via Library Matters, our library blog.

If you find a specific issue with an electronic resource and the above information does not provide guidance, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Electronic Resources Help Form

You can find the latest news and updates about our electronic resources at 'Library Matters', the RGU library blog.