ASPIRE@RGU is an online way of sharing resource lists for modules and courses.

It provides dynamic lists that include up to date, accurate and available resources, gives easier access to online resources, can be enhanced and annotated, and integrate into modules on CampusMoodle.

To access ASPIRE@RGU click on the icon below:


To find out how to search for, access, and use the resource lists available on ASPIRE@RGU please take a look at this guide:

ASPIRE@RGU: Guide for students

If you are a member of staff and would like to find out more and get your resource lists onto ASPIRE@RGU open up the section below to find out more.

ASPIRE@RGU: Guide for academics

What are the benefits of ASPIRE@RGU?

To find out why we introduced ASPIRE@RGU in 2011 and the benefits of using it take a look at the following guide.

Why you should use ASPIRE@RGU: A guide for academic staff

What features can an ASPIRE@RGU list have?

ASPIRE@RGU lists have a large range of features available:

•    Adding a full range of resource types from books to eBooks to websites to articles to journals and more
•    Creating sections
•    Ability to add importance levels and notes
•    Library holdings information
•    Links to eBooks
•    Links to online journal articles
•    And more...

You can see some examples of lists by following these links and click on the titles and links to explore all the different features: Example 1, Example 2, and Example 3.

How do I get my lists onto ASPIRE@RGU?

The library will do all the work for you! We will create the list, add all your items, put in access information, add in your notes and importance levels and publish the list so everyone can see it.

To do this we will need some details from you; the following guide explains what those are, along with some examples:

How do I get my list on ASPIRE@RGU: a guide for academic staff

You can email us your list at, send it via post, bring it in in person, or submit the list using the online form:

Submit your list here


If you would like to find out more about ASPIRE@RGU, are interested in a demonstration, or have any questions then please contact us at