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Information on our IT services and news of forthcoming changes.

  1. Logging into RGU Services

    Find out how to log in to all your RGU student services.

Wifi in RGU Student flats


Wifi is available in student accommodation provided by Robert Gordon University. Full details are available in your flat.

ITHelpdesk support pages

CampusMoodle Upgrade

For additional support, including printing, email, policies, please see our main Help pages.


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Campus Moodle

You can access CampusMoodle help from every CampusMoodle page. Simply use the Help button on the page as shown.

Inside our Help, there are Student and Staff user guides. The Support and FAQ area contains answers to frequently asked questions about using CampusMoodle – from module access to browsers.

Moodle Help Button

You can also change accessibility settings using the Display Settings icon. You can select a high contrast colour scheme, change font size and choose from a number of layout options to suit your personal preference. 

Moodle Display Settings

Wireless network

Wifi is available across the university.

All staff and students across our Garthdee campus have access to the eduroam service.

There is also a RGU Guest wireless network for external users that is available across Garthdee and the city centre.

The eduroam service provides staff and students with authenticated access here and at participating eduroam sites.

Eduroam can be accessed after an initial set up process.

More information (internal only): 

Wifi on campus

While On Campus, to connect to the RGU Wireless Network - eduroam - you will need to do at least 2 things to your device:

  1. Connect first to RGU CONNECT and follow through the ‘smartconnect’ setup instructions
  2. Next connect to eduroam and you should now be authenticated and successfully connected to the wireless network
  3. Select to FORGET RGU CONNECT on your device so that your device doesn’t accidentally try to connect to this instead of eduroam for future connections.

For more information on eduroam and step-by-step guides for a variety of devices see here –

The services you can access from anywhere with Wifi, on or off campus

MYrgU Student Portal Seamless access to information, and online services that are important to you including; Email, Moodle, Timetable and Results information.

Access to RGU applications and resources whether on or off campus and from your own device.

Your RGU e-mail for life

Access via:

Wifi in RGU Student flats

Woolmanhill, Crathie Student Village and Garthdee flats:

Wifi is available in student accommodation provided by Robert Gordon University.

Full details are available in your flat.

Plug in your device, auto-detect the wifi connection, register on the network, DONE

  • No download cap (acceptable use policy applies)
  • Unlimited time online
  • No charges (included in the rent)
  • Games console support

Ethernet connections are also available. 

Customer support (8am-10pm daily):

More information on getting online in student accommodation.

For additional support, including printing, email, policies, please see our Moodle Help pages


Changing your password

You can change your RGU password at any time using the Password Management tool.

Please note: The Password Management tool is not compatible with the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari (Macs/iPhone/iPad).  Please use an alternative browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.

You will need to know your existing password.  

Password Manager Screenshot

If you have forgotten your password or experience any problems with the Password Management tool please contact the IT Helpdesk via the ITS Help online form.

Password Guidelines 

When creating a password use the following criteria:

  • Contains upper and lower case characters (e.g. a-z, A-Z)
  • Contains digits and punctuation characters as well as letters, but do not use a space, a vertical bar | or a colon :
  • It is at least 6 alphanumeric characters long but no longer than 12
  • It is not based on your name, personal information, names of family, etc.

Manage your own password - Set Password Hints

Then you won't need to contact the Help Desk about a forgotten password

Log in to the Password Management Tool, click on ‘Setup Hints' and set your answers to 6 questions. 

Once you've set your answers and should you forget your password, you can go to the Password Management Tool  anytime, click on ‘Forgotten Password'  and answer your questions to set a new password – no need to contact the IT Helpdesk!


  • Never disclose your password to ANYONE.
  • Never share passwords.
  • Don't use the "Remember Password" feature of applications (e.g., Web browsers, E-mail reader, etc).
  • Don't write passwords down and leave them unsecured anywhere.
  • If you suspect that one of your accounts or passwords has been compromised then you must report this to the IT Helpdesk.

If you are unable to change your password via the Password Management Tool then please contact the IT Helpdesk for support via the ITS Help online form.


Printing on campus

Print Services iconA new printer option is available called PrintAtRGU - send print jobs and print them out at your convenience from any multi-function printer on campus.

More information (internal only)