Film (Foundation | EXTRA)

1. Overview

The four-day film school is a whistle-stop trip through the basics of video and film production.

Looking at different types of film, genres, stages from pre-production, through storyboarding, cinematography and sound recording, on to post-production, students will learn about the various aspects of the craft and industry as they work to produce their own short films by the end of the four days.

2. What you will study

With technical demonstrations, practical workshops and mentoring, and most importantly the fun of actually producing your own film - this Four-Day-Film course is a great way to begin your journey into video production.

The course includes:

Introduction to Film:

  • Discussion of the different types of film.
  • Examples of effective short films from different genres.

Introduction to storyboards:

  • Adapting ideas via visual concepts, shots and techniques.
  • Developing a story, script and basic storyboard to pitch and discuss.

Camera instruction/demonstration:

  • Learn about different ephemera, how images are captured, differences between types of lenses, filters etc.
  • Demonstration on three-point lighting set up and group lighting assignment.

Introduction to sound recording:

  • Sound recording elements, the clapperboard, boom pole, identing and the different roles required in film production.

Ideas pitch assignment:

  • Establish stories, discuss locations, scenes and film production roles and responsibilities.

Film shoot:

  • Location film shoot with assistance and mentoring.
  • Understand how the filmmaking process works, and the decisions which have to be made.

Editing process:

  • Instruction on how to go through footage, log it using camera sheets, idents and shot logs.  
  • Overview/demonstration of the video editing process and techniques using Adobe Premier with student footage.
  • Editing assignment: film logging, syncing audio and video footage (using clapper) and arrangement of sequences into scenes.


  • Introduction to reshoots, post-production pickups and film marketing.

Each student will receive a memory stick with resources such as call sheet templates, storyboard templates etc. to help them make their own films in future.

3. Entry Requirements

All students are required to be at least 16 years of age on the commencement of the course.

4. How to apply

Course fee: £310

Gray's Short Course Online Registration

Successful enrolment will be confirmed by email.

RGU Registration

All students should be aware that when registering as a student at RGU they are accepting a contract of enrolment. (In order to attend short courses all students must register and accept RGU’s conditions).


A refund is only applicable where there has been illness with a medical certificate to support it.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about registration, contact:

Gray's Short Course Team

5. Additional Information

Gray's will provide:

  • Dslr video cameras x 6. 
  • Plasma screen
  • Sound recording equipment - recorder,mic, boom x2 dedo light kit x 2 redheads x 2. 
  • Speakers. 
  • Headphones x12. 
  • Use of machines in the AV Lab. 
  • Use of the photography studio
  • Photocopied storyboard templates, ability to print scripts etc 


Art & Design Short Course Information

A complete health and safety induction will take place on commencement of the course.

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Start Date

Monday 11 - Thursday 14 September 2017

Course Length

24 hours (4 days)

Mode of Attendance

Short Course/EXTRA

Academic School
Gray's School of Art
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