4 Day Figure in Clay (Foundation | EXTRA)

1. Overview

An opportunity to develop a traditional clay sculpture from a life model.

Spend 4 Days Gray's School of Art studio shaping and exploring the soft and workable material of clay and the subject of figurative sculpture.

2. What you will study

Because a weekend course wasn't enough!

The course will begin with a series of quick sketches working directly from the figure followed by traditional clay sculpting and exploration of human proportion from the life model. Students will be able to create modeled heads, torsos or full figures - drawing inspiration from artists such as Rodin, Degas, Giacometti, Hicks and Lamb.

This is a great opportunity for life drawing enthusiasts to develop their appreciation of the human form within a tactile form of study or for ceramicists to create from life.

Optional armature study available for third day.

The finished work can be left as greenware (where the finished artwork is left to dry but not fired) or as bisqueware (where the clay is fired, but not glazed).

3. Entry Requirements

Suitable for students with experience of drawing the human form. Previous experience of working in clay is useful but not necessary.

All students are required to be at least 16 years of age on the commencement of the course.

4. How to apply

Course fee: £320 (Life model provided all day. Includes clay and optional firing)

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A refund is only applicable where there has been illness with a medical certificate to support it.

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5. Additional information

Students will provide their own drawing material for initial studies (e.g. several sheets of A2 cartridge or sugar paper, drawing pencils, charcoal, putty rubber etc).

Sculpting tools and studio equipment will be provided by Gray’s School of Art. Kiln firing is included in the course fee.

Clay will be provided by Gray’s School of Art. Kiln firing is included in the course fee, as well as a life model.

A complete health and safety induction will take place on commencement of the course.

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Start Date

6 - 9 Aug 2018

Course Length

4 days(24 hrs)
Monday to Thursday
10:00am - 4:00pm

Mode of Attendance

Short Course/EXTRA

Academic School
Gray's School of Art
Daytime courses Foundation Courses